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You are a graduate of Telecom SudParis: congratulations, your school is proud of your success!

As you know, your degree is more considered as a step rather than a culmination.

As soon as you leave school, graduating, you are among the highest paid engineers in France: the record of the "Usine Nouvelle" magazine give at Telecom SudParis the 10th place among 150 engineering schools ranked! You're starting your career at 39,000 € (without bonuses) with a significant margin. This result comes from a constant evolution in recent years, ending with an increase of € 3,000 in one year!

The school cultivates relations with its former students, who are full members of Telecom SudParis, which invested in the association that was created for them: TELECOM & Management Alumni

Ambassadors of Telecom SudParis expertise and excellence, the school relies on alumni to promote the quality of training they received, but also to facilitate links with companies that host and develop new partnerships.

Telecom SudParis also put on the skills and experience of its graduates to intervene in the training at the school this interaction allows students to benefit from the return of land of their elders, the course content was thus regularly to date and in line with market expectations.

Telecom SudParis graduates, support your school by giving to the Foundation Telecom!

When you enter Telecom SudParis, you will never really leave.

Updated on 11/29/2010