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IMT Starter

Boosting innovation and development

The Telecom SudParis and Telecom Business School business Incubator is a structure that encourages the emergence of young ICT companies with excellent innovation, development and job creation potential.
The Incubator draws on the skills of Telecom SudParis, Telecom Business School and ENSIIE, as well as on the expertise provided by sponsors and partners.
The Incubator combines business aspects via the support of expert entrepreneurs (who are both managers and technology specialists) and technological aspects with the support of the campus laboratories.

As each new project is to some extent a gamble for the Incubator, the selection process is rigorous, with the services offered being adapted to the candidate's requirements and created using specialist advice.
The Incubator and its partners are seeking to establish a long-term relationship with value-creating start-ups in a win-win perspective.

The Incubator is open to innovative high-potential ICT projects.
The selection process (delete section) aims to analyse all the aspects of the project: the team, market, technology and funding.
Partnerships between the start-ups and the campus laboratories are systematically sought.

  • Entrepreneurs who wish to join the Incubator should submit a project presentation pack and progress report to the management team.
  • If the project is short-listed, the opinion of technical experts may be sought to evaluate its potential.
  • Selected projects are then presented to the Incubator Selection Committee.

The selected project developers sign a six-month contract, which can be renewed up to two times, providing them with access to all the Incubator services.

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Sébastien Cauwet
Director of the Incubator

Updated on 06/03/2016