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Research departments and labs

The research activities in ICT are structured into 7 thematic departments, a CNRS laboratory and a CNRS research team. Research teams are recognized for their excellence and evaluated by AERES. Scientific developments in ICT also benefit from the expertise of the 4 research departments of Telecom Business School.

6 Telecom SudParis research departements:

ARTEMIS: Advanced Research and TEchniques for Multidimensional Imaging Systems (Head : Titus ZAHARIA)stockbyte

CITI: Signal processing and image (Head : Wojciech PIECZYNSKI)

EPH: Electronics and Physics (Head : Badr-Eddine BENKELFAT)

INF: Computing (Head : Djamel BELAID)

RS2M: Wireless networks and multimedia services (Head : Djamal ZEGHLACHE)

RST: Networks and services (Head : Hervé DEBAR)

1 CNRS laboratory:

SAMOVAR UMR 5157: Distributed services, architectures, modeling, validation, network administration (Head : Walid BENAMEUR)

1 CNRS research team:

ARTEMIS, Multimedia Engineering team of MAP5 UMR 8145: Applied mathematics of "Paris 5" university (Head of the team: Titus ZAHARIA)

Updated on 09/05/2016