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Corporate Relations

Corporate relations

A mutual enriching experience

Telecom SudParis develops a wide range of partnerships with external companies with the objective being to foster closer relationships between training providers and professionals working in the field.

The various partnerships on offer enable companies to benefit from the excellence and expertise of ICST within Telecom SudParis. In this context the School emphasises its strengths and advantages offered by its training programme and makes full use of these links to adapt the content of its teaching programme to the needs of companies.

The internships in companies allow them to scale testing of the quality of knowledge and skills acquired during training. Internships are also an unique first-experience opportunity for students.

This relationship enables Telecom SudParis to provide companies with a breeding ground for fully trained future managers and an ideal programme of continual professional development.

Finally, companies can also help by paying the apprenticeship tax, to develop programs, for educational innovation and dynamism of research in Telecom SudParis.

Updated on 12/04/2009