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Masters of Science

Master of Science Communication Networks and Services


Telecom SudParis (France), Aalto University (Finland), Asian Institute of Technology (international organisation) and NCTU (Taiwan) jointly offers a unique Euro-Asian curriculum at the master's level addressing key issues in communication networks and services. This program offers courses that are designed for students who wish to obtain current and cutting-edge skills in Communication Networks and Services.

Students who graduate from this programme taught in English will receive TWO master degrees, one from Asian Institute of Technology (where is held the first year) and one from Telecom SudParis (where is held the second year). Our graduates are ready to apply cutting-edge concepts and technologies in the IT and in the telecommunications industry.

Please DOWNLOAD THE FLYER about Dual Degree in Communication Networks and Services.

NOTE: For master students already enrolled at Aalto, AIT or NCTU: 1) the selection and application will be processed at your home university though you can contact the programme director at TSP for information (see below) 2) No tuition fees are paid at Telecom SudParis 3) students spend the first year in their own university and the second year at TSP 4) Students who graduate from this programme will receive a MSC from Telecom SudParis and a master degree from their own university.


This program introduces our students to the ICT fundamentals and provide the background in multimedia networks and services while targeting a theoretical background and practical knowledge. The objective is for them to learn networking principles while also becoming acquainted with deployment of these networks with a specific focus on services, and to anticipate the major changes that will occur in the IT and telco industries.

This program covers the entire span of network infrastructures, access networks, core networks and service layers. The coursework addresses the service architecture for fixed and mobile networks with a focus on Telco Service architectures (IMS, NGN), Web Services and future trends (Internet of Things, P2P, Social Networks).

The program also offers real-world experience. During the second year, in addition to six key technical courses, a course on telecom management and economics will give students essential information about markets in Europe. Student will work on a Master's thesis which can be conducted in collaboration with industrial partners or research laboratories. Students (enrolled at AIT/NCTU/Aalto) are also invited to join in professional activities as the ICIN international conference (http://www.icin.biz/).

World-renowned experts from Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Orange Labs, France Telecom, Cisco and ETSI are invited to give lectures.

Target students and feedback from graduates

This MSc program in Communication Networks and Services is designed for new graduates who have a good academic record and also for engineers and professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge in telecommunications. Graduates of this programme have been employed by leading telecommunication companies, IT industry firms, research centers and universities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Feedback from Graduates:

"This dual-degree program provides a great opportunity to expand students' view in both academic knowledge and industrially practical experience. You can be here to follow the latest trend for having a good research topic; You can also implement what you learn at the school into a product if you have a cooperation with the company. Seize the right chance, you can fly higher."
Jungwen Luo (2012), Orange Labs

“Masters in ComNETS (Communication Networks and Services) was a great learning experience for me both in terms of academics and getting to know about the European culture. The courses were very practical and research oriented. The school is world-class and has a good exposure to the industry. I cherish every moment of my stay at the school”.
Mondi Ravi (2012, PhD candidate), Orange Labs

"The faculties and guest lecturers from different international institutions and industries helped me to learn about most recent technologies. Telecom SudParis also provided me the opportunity to visit different countries to experience the most modern advancement in the field of Telecommunication presented by experts and scholars. Telecom SudParis's strong link with industries provides students the opportunities for career development in terms of internships and jobs, as well as , opportunity to pursue higher studies."
Neetya Shrestha (2011), Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs

"Selecting to the dual degree program between AIT and Telecom SudParis was one of the best opportunities I got in my life. The subjects were complimentary and I got the experience of France, it's language and culture and also opened up PhD and job opportunities"
Mathew Goonewardena (2011), University of Quebec, Canada

"Courses taught in ComNETS introduce the latest technology and ongoing research in the field of communications and networking across the globe. Guest lecturers from various industries like Alcatel, France telecom, Cisco and highly experienced professors at school make learning experience more fruitful and enjoyable."
Sirsha Bhattarai (2010), France Telecom

"The experience of joining in ComNets program for 8 months will be one of the valuable memories in my life. Studied in the MSc in Communication networks and services at Telecom Sud Paris, France has not only given me a sound and firm grounding in communication but also taught me the invaluable skills to manage, lead and collaborate effectively with people."
Laoorom Chiempiriyakul (2010), AMADEUS

"ComNETS at Telecom SudParis is a unique program that offers an in-depth knowledge of a range of advanced telecommunication technologies, many of them first hand from skilled researchers and industry leaders. ComNETS program focuses on rigorous understanding of different aspects of modern day communications ranging from wireless communication standards to the converged network concepts. The opportunities after graduation are many and the comNETS alumni have been a testimony of the program itself. I am proud to be a comNETS graduate!!"
Jagadish Ghimire (2008), PhD Student, University of Waterloo, Canada

"The dual degree program - M.Eng in AIT and MSc (comNETS) in Telecom SudParis is the best Blend Of Theory And Practice."
Sivasothy Shanmugalingam (2007), Research Engineer, Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs France

Registration for the dual MSc degree AIT-Telecom SudParis

Students enrolled in this programme will spend their first year at AIT and their second year at Telecom SudParis. Graduates will receive a Master from AIT and a MSc from Telecom SudParis. The first year's tuition and registration fees of 376,000 Thai baht are paid at AIT, and the second year's tuition and registration fees of €5,000 at Telecom SudParis (€1,500 for European). Additional costs include living expenses in Thailand and France as well as medical insurance and travel costs to both countries.

Applicants shall register both online.

Please note that you do not need to pay to registration fees to TSP for the first year. After March 31st, please send an email to the programme director (Noël Crespi)

English Requirements

All in-class lectures and materials are conducted in English. Evidence of English ability is not required from applicants who graduated from a university where English is the major medium of teaching.

General Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the Master's program, an applicant MUST:

  1. hold a Bachelor's degree (normally from a four-year program), or its equivalent, in an appropriate field of study from an institution of recognized standing;
  2. have undergraduate grades significantly above average; the minimum GPA requirement for admission is 3 or equivalent at bachelor degree level.
  3. produce evidence of proficiency in English in the form of an internationally recognized standardized test score; scores of 5 IELTS, 540 at least TOEFL or 207 Computer TOEFL are accepted ; the requirement that a standardized test score be included in the applicant's file can be waived if the applicant submits a certificate confirming that his/her previous degree was earned at a university at which the sole medium of instruction was English.

First year: at AIT.
Second year: all courses take place at Telecom SudParis, Evry (France), 30km South of Paris.

Curriculum and programme

The curriculum for this four semester programme is as follows:

  • The two first semesters are held at AIT.
  • Semesters three and four are held at Telecom SudParis and focus on specialisation coursework and the MSc Thesis.
  • Optionally, student can take in internship (paid in most cases) in the industry after defending their master's thesis.

Degrees granted (DUAL DEGREE PROGRAMME): upon successfully completing their studies, the students earn both a master's degree from AIT AND a MSc degree from Telecom SudParis.

Programme at AIT (1st year - for external applications only)

In the first year, students have the opportunity to choose one of four fields of study at AIT: Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science, or Information Management.

Programme at Telecom SudParis (2nd year)
  • Business Modelling and ICT
  • New Trends for Future Services
  • Service-oriented Computing
  • Wireless Access and Transport Technologies
  • Converged Services for Next Generation Networks
  • WPAN, WLAN, WMAN and Broadcast Technologies
  • Optimisation: Theory and Networks applications
  • Project
  • MSc Thesis

To know more about coiurses, consult on line the COMNETS Program.

MSc Programme Director

Noël Crespi, professor, holds a Master's from the Universities of Orsay and Kent, a diplome d'ingénieur from Telecom ParisTech, a Ph.D and an Habilitation from Paris VI University. He worked from 1993 in CLIP, Bouygues Telecom and then France Telecom R&D in 1995. In 1999, he joined Nortel Networks as Telephony Program manager. He joined Institut Telecom in 2002 and is currently professor and Program Director, leading the Service Architecture Lab. He is appointed as coordinator for the standardisation activities in ETSI and 3GPP. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Asian Institute of Technology and is on the 4-person SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) of FTW, Austria.

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