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A specialization of Telecom SudParis labeled by the National Agency for Information Systems Security


The "Security of Systems and Networks" course of the engineering curriculum of Telecom SudParis has just been labeled SecNumedu by ANSSI, the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems. The awarding of this label is the culmination of the partnership launched in 2014 between Telecom SudParis and ANSSI.

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Paris-Saclay University inaugurates its web portal 'Plug in labs'


The Paris-Saclay University and the SATT Paris-Saclay inaugurate the web portal 'Plug in labs Paris-Saclay University' on Tuesday 6 June 2017. Based on a collaborative and evolving database developed in Brittany, 'Plug in labs Paris-Saclay University' provides the economic fabric with a search engine enabling, according to the needs, to find expertise and skills in public research University of Paris-Saclay.

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Trust in the Digital Age, in conference of the Fondation Télécom


On 10 May, Maryline Laurent, a computer science researcher at Telecom SudParis, spoke on the theme of 'Confidence in the digital age', during the Fondation Télécom breakfasts. She asks about how it comes down to computing, as well as on the distributed trust in the blockchain system.

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TeSLA H2020 Project to Increase Adaptive Confidence in Continuous Assessment Processes


The TeSLA project provides to educational institutions, an adaptive trust e-assessment system for assuring e-assessment processes in online and blended environments. It will support both continuous and final assessment to improve the trust level across students, teachers and institutions The system will be developed taking into account quality assurance agencies in education, privacy and ethical issues and educational and technological requirements throughout Europe.

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An engineer apprentice class 2016 receives the Golden Triangle of the CFA-EVE


Alexandre Fourmont, engineer apprentice of the class 2016, received from the mayor of Evry, the Golden Triangle of the CFA-EVE on 6 March, with his Teacher (Bouygues) and his Tutor of Telecom SudParis.

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Telecom SudParis in the Top7 of the best quoted post-prepas' schools of engineering in 2016 by Challenges magazine


Telecom SudParis is ranked by the magazine Challenges in the Top7 of the best quoted post-prepas' schools of engineering for the year 2016.

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Telecom SudParis wins first place in top engineering schools on 10 excellence criteria


For the second consecutive year, Telecom SudParis takes first place in the 2017 Student Award for the best French engineering schools, out of 10 criteria in those skills: academic excellence, proximity to companies, international openness, becoming graduates, opportunities and origin of the students.

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Le domaine Image, Multimédia et Applications
Le traitement de l'image, le multimédia et la vision artificielle représentent un marché annuel de plusieurs millards de dollars dans le monde.