Live webinars

We invite you to participate in a series of webinars presenting our various training courses.

June 17, 2020

Ingénieur Programs International Admission 2021 in Russian

05:00 PM Moscow
English, Russian

Institut Polytechnique de Paris brings together École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris and Télécom SudParis, five prestigious French engineering schools who contributed to major industrial and technological discoveries of the last two centuries.

Russian-speaking undergraduate students can discover the Ingénieur Programs (Master of Science in Engineering) during an online presentation.

June 18, 2020

Cybersecurity & Risks

02:00 PM Paris
French, English
Presented by Hervé Debar, professeur et director of RSP Department at Télécom SudParis
We are witnessing many debates related to "contact tracing", or its newest avatar the "exposure notification", as it is now named by its proponents. From a medical perspective, contact tracing is a well-known, well-accepted and largely deployed technique to contain an epidemy.

The objective is to start from one person, detected as contaminated by the virus, and retrace the contacts this person made during the period where it could have contaminated other persons. This is a manual process and requires that the patient remembers and knows all the contacts he made. The approach has worked well for small clusters, in France and other countries. However, it does not scale. Thus, researchers have developed tools to automate contact tracing, based on applications deployed on smartphones.

As with other aspects of IT technologies, this has created fear that these applications, and the data they create, might be used for other purposes than the one intended. In this talk, we will review the various aspects of this technology and propose a weighted perspective on the pros and cons.