European Programs

Erasmus Charter

TELECOM SudParis holds the Erasmus+ charter 2014/2020. The new charter was given to our school to cover all European cooperation activities including international mobility grants. It defines the basic principles and minimum requirements of the EACEA.

Icone de livreDownload the Erasmus strategy statement

Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - Knowledge alliances

Telecom SudParis is participating in the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Knowledge alliance "HubLinked project" coordinated by Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland). This project includes 7 EES (from Ireland, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, and Korea), 1 large enterprise (Ireland), 1 consulting company in Italy, 1 association of SME in Ireland and the European Business Network.

Erasmus+ International credit mobility

Telecom SudParis is participating in the Erasmus+ Key Action 1: Learning mobility of Individuals "International credit mobility" coordinated by Mines Ales Engineering school. This project which involves all the schools of the Institute Mines-Telécom aims to promote the mobility between the 13 EES in France and the 7 EES in Vietnam.

Erasmus Mundus action 2

Telecom SudParis participated in the Erasmus Mundus Key Action 2 programme "emundusGreenIT" coordinated by the University of VIGO (SPAIN). The "emundusGreenIT" programme involves 10 European partners (from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Bulgaria) and 10 NA countries partners. The NA Universities are 2 from Tunisia, 3 from Morocco, 2 from Algeria and 3 from Egypt.