Junior Enterprise Sprint wins The Most Impactful Project Award JEE

Télécom SudParis

Telecom SudParis is proud to announce that Sprint, the junior enterprise, has won the Most Impactful Project* 2023 award at the Excellence Awards held by the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JEE). This award was presented in Brussels on March 13 during the JEE Winter Conference 2023, which brought together junior enterprises from 16 European countries.

A project with academic, commercial and societal impact

The JEE award recognizes the involvement and work of the project members: Alizée MESNARD (1st year at Telecom SudParis), project manager, supported by Arthur CHAUVE (2nd year at Telecom SudParis), Sprint President, Yohan FRANÇOIS (1st year at Telecom SudParis), Lucien LY (1st year at Telecom SudParis) and Amrit MBUMBA (IMT-BS). The project also benefited from the assistance of Quentin MICHAUD (3rd year at Telecom SudParis), for the application development part.

The team competed in the "Most Impactful Project 2023" category. To be eligible, the project must have been sponsored by a client, be related to the field of study of the school from which the junior company comes, and generate an impact at one of the three following levels: academic, commercial and societal.

Their "Political advertising barometer" project consisted in collecting and analyzing data from influence strategies on networks during the French presidential elections of May 2022. The client, the Good In Tech chair, is a research network between the Institut Mines-Télécom and Sciences Po, under the umbrella of the Fondation du Risque, which focuses on the following two research areas: (1) Data, algorithms and society and (2) Corporate Digital Responsibility.


A sensitive subject: influence strategies during the presidential campaign

This project's originality is its multidisciplinary nature, dealing with political, societal, technological and ethical issues. Each week, data was collected on several platforms, Facebook, Snapchat and Google, and then transcribed in the form of barometers linking the keywords used in the presidential campaigns with analyses of their impact. Thanks to graphical representations, it is possible to observe the distribution of ads published in Meta's advertising library according to the themes proposed during the election campaigns.

The results highlight the major impact that influence strategies can have on voting decisions. The quantification of this impact and the explanation of the strategies allow to build a more critical vision of digital advertising.

This study proposed by Christine BALAGUÉ, teacher-researcher at IMT-BS and holder of the Good In Tech Chair, is also used as a pedagogical tool in her courses. Students are invited to reverse-engineer the study to understand the methodology used.

The Good in Tech Chair has renewed its confidence in the SPRINT Junior Enterprise by extending this study during the legislative elections in June 2022.



SPRINT, the only JE in France composed of engineering and business students

Since its creation in 1981, SPRINT (Services, Projects, Realization of the Institut National des Télécommunications) is the joint Junior Entreprise of our engineering school, Telecom SudParis, and the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School. 40 years later, the synergy between the two schools is still the strength and originality of this Junior Entreprise, unique in France.

Alizée Mesnard, project manager at Sprint and a first-year engineering student at Telecom SudParis, says that the junior company is a real asset for her skills: "I joined the junior company mainly for what it does, but also to develop technical and human skills necessary to my future career as an engineer. On a regular basis, we manage projects and teams, we communicate and negotiate".

The student association now has 275 members from both schools. Within Sprint, we find the disciplinary fields of their training, which are now obviously complementary in terms of missions: digital marketing, web audit, ChatBot, e-commerce site, etc.

Its latest awards :

  • 1999 : Label Dynamisme
  • 2001 : Excellence Award
  • 2009 : Communication Label

more info on : https://sprint-je.com/