Elèves-ingénieurs en cours

Engineering curriculum

Télécom SudParis

Télécom SudParis graduates obtain a Master's in Engineering (taught only in french), accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI) (the French accreditation board for engineering schools) and recognized by businesses in France and internationally. Télécom SudParis is positioned across the entire array of digital fields.

Télécom SudParis engineers are poised to play a central role in a major challenge facing society: the digital metamorphosis and the transformation of society and businesses. To meet this challenge, future graduates must not only possess the qualities and level of excellence expected from engineers, they must also be:


  • Able to manage projects and bring together different talents to work collaboratively in open, multicultural and changing environments.
  • Responsible
  • Strong knowledge of their environment, the world and human relationships in order to be an effective, caring and ethical manager.


  • Strong knowledge of their environment, the world and human relationships in order to be an effective, caring and ethical manager.

Experts in digital technology

  • Broad, cross-cutting vision of the sector
  • Expertise in one of its subfields
  • Able to anticipate and adapt to evolutions.


  • Draw on their area of expertise and cross-cutting vision to create innovative solutions, methods, products and services.
The four pillars of the program

Pillar 1. A two-stage program:

1 year to acquire fundamental knowledge: a strong knowledge base in all digital fields and key concepts in management, economics and business management.
2 years for students to build their profile

Pillar 3. International immersion

Changes in engineering professions, roles and settings mean that new graduates must be prepared for the international aspect of their future career. Throughout their career they will be faced with different cultures and ways of thinking.

That is why Télécom SudParis has adopted a globally-minded approach to its academic program to prepare students for the needs and challenges of an international professional environment.

All students study two languages, one of which must be English, and must complete a significant international experience for a 12-week period, either in the form of a professional internship or a study abroad program at one of our partner universities.



Pillar 2. Professional experience

To help them understand the realities of the business world, develop their career plan and gain skills, every student must complete several professional internships over the course of the program:

  • a mandatory « corporate » internship to introduce them to the professional world for a minimum of 4 weeks at the end of the 1st year
  • a mandatory « engineering » internship at a company for a minimum of 24 weeks during the 3rd year.

Pillar 4. Project-based learning

To help our engineers develop an entrepreneurial spirit, projects requiring progressively higher levels of skills are assigned over the course of the 3-year program.

Management and developing teamwork skills (GATE®): Students participate in developing a project and working on all business aspects: managing a team, professional communication, managing deadlines and costs, risk management.

Computer science: Students work with a partner to create a plan to develop an application, with graphic interface for example.

Cassiopée: Students work alone or with a partner to create a project focused on research, development or innovation.

Entreprendre® projects challenge: All students take part in this program to learn about how to start a business or create innovative services. Certain projects may be continued through the school’s incubator.

Advanced project: Advanced project topics are related to students’ chosen area of specialization.

Study in international environment at Sophia Antipolis

After a first year at Télécom SudParis, on the campus of Evry, our students have the opportunity to join students of Télécom Paris, IMT Atlantic and foreign universities partners to follow the EURECOM course in Sophia Antipolis.

Training course entirely taught in English, it is a good way to meet people from different countries and follow a teaching of excellence, while enjoying a region that enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year !

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