HAL, Telecom SudParis publications supporting open access

The HAL open access archive offers online access to scientific publications by Telecom SudParis researchers and faculty members.

Faculty members, researchers and PhD students from Telecom SudParis, an engineering graduate school combining training and research, produce scientific research resulting in publications in the area of information and communication technologies, related disciplines, and applications.

These publications are aimed at disseminating knowledge to scientists in this field, academics in computer science and telecommunications, and engineering students. They can be accessed online on the HAL open archive.

The aim of the HAL (Hyper Articles en Ligne) multidisciplinary open archive is to share research results: research-level scientific articles (whether published or not) and theses from teaching and research establishments in France and overseas as well as public and private laboratories.


More specifically, it makes it possible to:

  • share results of research more widely
  • increase the visibility of researchers’ scientific production
  • ensure the long-term availability of data stored in the archive

Note: when research is shared online, authors retain their intellectual rights, including the right to be correctly cited and recognized as the author of a document.

Consult the HAL open archive


PhD students undertake original scientific research, which is the subject of a thesis presented at a public thesis defense, except in exceptional cases, if the thesis topic is recognized as confidential.

The thirty theses presented each year by the school’s PhD students testify to the dynamism of research at Telecom SudParis.

On HAL Open Archives, you can find all theses defended by Telecom SudParis PhDs since 1998 in :