Financial aid to provide the best conditions for studying

As a public “Grande Ecole” engineering school, Telecom SudParis is committed to social diversity. Each year, over one-third of eligible general engineering students receive scholarships to fund their studies:

  • Needs-based scholarships
  • Institut Mines-Telecom Student Social Fund
  • Loans
  • One-off assistance from the alumni network

Needs-based scholarships

Scholarship applications are processed by the CROUS.

Complete your Student Social File application (DSE) on the website

You will receive a conditional confirmation that you must provide when enrolling.

Once your administrative enrollment is finalized, your monthly payments will be set up by the CROUS.

The September payment will be sent at the end of August for students whose DSE and administrative enrollment is finalized before 31 August.

If your administrative application is incomplete, your scholarship payments will be blocked.

⇒ To find out if you are eligible for a needs-based scholarship, go to the CROUS scholarship simulator.

⇒ For any questions:


Institut Mines-Telecom Student Social Fund

The Institut Mines-Telecom Student Social Fund provides one-off assistance for students in situations of financial difficulty that could negatively impact their studies.

It is reserved for students enrolled in initial training at an IMT school, who have paid their tuition fees or been exonerated.

The purpose of this aid is to respond to difficult situations that were not able to be taken into account by the main financial assistance programs for students (needs-based scholarships from Institut Mines-Telecom).

This assistance is limited to once per academic year. Applications are prepared with the Institut Mines-Telecom social worker.


Needs-based scholarships from Fondation Mines-Telecom

These scholarships aim to help high-performing students with a lack of resources, to support social diversity and inclusion in the Grandes Ecoles. Each year, the School Dinner raises funds that are used for around twenty scholarships for students chosen based on merit and needs-based criteria.



Students with cashflow difficulties can request a student advance or loan, under specific conditions, from our partner Société Générale. A specific contact person is available on campus every Thursday.

There are also attractive loan options for scholarship students (LOCAPASS).


One-off assistance from the alumni network

The alumni association T&MA can also provide one-off help in the form of loans for students in financial difficulty, particularly for international mobility experiences.


Eiffel Scholarship Program

The Eiffel program is a scholarship program run by the French Foreign Ministry in order to help French higher education institutions to attract the top international students to Master's degrees and PhD programs.

Telecom SudParis accepts, supports and submits applications to Campus France.

The call for Eiffel applications 2024 (academic year 2024/2025) will open in October 2023.

⇒ For more information, please contact the International Relations Office.


Scholarships for international outgoing mobilities

To help our students make their international mobility projects (exchange semester, dual degree, internship) come to fruition, Telecom SudParis provides a variety of scholarship options such as Erasmus+, Ile-de-France Mobility Scholarships, IMT scholarships, etc.

Call for applications are issued each year.

⇒ For more information, please contact the International Relations Office




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