First job survey

Up to now, the first job survey has concerned new graduates from Engineering curriculum program and Engineer program Major Networks.

Salary levels among the highest in France, extremely rapid vocational integration, equal pay for men and women and the emergence of new professions: the 2023 vocational integration survey by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles presents an employment outlook which remains highly favorable for Telecom SudParis engineers.

The digital sector is one of the most promising fields in terms of recruitment. Digital transformation concerns all activity sectors, and digital engineers, such as information system architects or administrators, remain highly sought after. However, the new professions emerging from the major digital trends of data analysis, cybersecurity, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer increasingly attractive employment prospects.



An above-average net employment rate

The net employment rate* for 2022 engineer graduates of Telecom SudParis rose to 96% (compared to the 93.1% average for French engineering schools). This 2-point rise is bolstered by a favorable economic context for young graduate employment.

Within six months following graduation, 83% of the class of 2022 is in an occupational activity (including volunteer service and business creation). 4% of fresh graduates from Telecom SudParis are seeking employment, compared to 5.9% on average for French engineering schools. The percentage pursuing their studies, either PhD or other, is lower than previous years, at 5.8% each.

The percentage of female graduates in an occupational activity is much higher than that of their male counterparts. Conversely, the percentage of young male graduates opting to pursue their studies is higher than the rate for female graduates.


Telecom SudParis Women Telecom SudParis Men Telecom SudParis All Major Engineering Schools
In occupational activity 86,1% 79,2% 81% 75,9%
International voluntary service (in administration or a company, etc.) 2,8% 2% 2,2% 3,1%
Seeking employment 2,8% 4% 3,65% 5,9%
Further studies (except PhD)) 5,5% 5,9% 5,8% 7,3%
PhD 0% 5,9% 5,8% 5,5%
Other 2,8% 1 % 1,5% 2,3%

* the net employment rate corresponds to the proportion of workers in an occupational activity, including volunteer services, applied to this same population to which is added the number of jobseekers.

Among the shortest job-seeking periods

80% of Telecom SudParis 2022 graduates in an occupational activity signed their contract prior to obtaining their degree, compared to the French average of 71.6%. In short, job-seeking periods have been further reduced, with 95.2% of graduates finding employment in less than 3 months.

Job-seeking periods Telecom SudParis Women Telecom SudParis Men Telecom SudParis All Major Engineering Schools
Prior to graduation 83% 79% 80% 71,6%
From 0 to 2 months 10% 12% 11% 16,7%
From 2 to 4 months 3,5% 5% 5% 8,6%
4 months and over 3,5% 4% 4% 3,1%

Greater diversity in activity sectors

Large and medium-sized companies are increasingly attractive for young graduates, at 38% and 33% respectively. However, a wider diversity in activity sectors can be observed.

The traditional IT and information services sector has lost a few points (43%), to the benefit of a vaster array of sectors, such as the automotive industry, aeronautics, shipbuilding, rail, banking and insurance, energy, research and many more.

Activity sectors
IT and information services (ICT Services) 43%
Consulting or engineering firms - independent design offices 25%
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) 7%
Automotive industry, aeronautics, shipbuilding, rail 4%
Finance and insurance 3%
Others (State Administration - Regional Authorities - Hospitals, Trade, Publishing, Audiovisual and broadcasting, Energy, Automotive, Aeronautics, Shipbuilding, Rail, Scientific R&D, Human healthcare and social services, Telecommunications, Tourism, Transport) 18%


Among the highest French salaries for new graduates

In France, the median gross annual salary including bonuses for general engineers newly graduated from Telecom SudParis has risen to €44,900, which consolidates the School’s position among the highest young graduate wage rates. It must also be pointed out that there is no difference in salary between men and women.

Annual gross salary in France Telecom SudParis Women Telecom SudParis Men Telecom SudParis All Major Engineering Schools
Median Excluding bonus €42,000 €42,000 €42,000 €37,200
Median With bonus €45,000 €44,500 €44,900 NR


Contrary to previous years, the % of women with a permanent position and executive role has dropped slightly in comparison to men, but remains almost identical.

Telecom SudParis
Telecom SudParis Men Telecom SudParis
Major Engineering Schools
Permanent position (employment in France) 93% 94% 94% 87,1%
Executives (employment in France) 100% 97,1% 97,8% 92,1%

Welcome to Ile-de-France

Telecom SudParis graduates are returning to the Paris region following a high departure rate last year, i.e., 85.5% compared to 76.5% last year. Expatriation appeals little to young graduates, with just 4.5% in an occupational activity overseas, mainly in Europe.

Place of work Telecom SudParis Women Telecom SudParis Men Telecom SudParis All Major Engineering Schools
France 90% 83,5% 85,5% 39,5%
Outside the Paris region 6,5% 11,5% 10% 60,5%
Overseas 3% 5% 4,5% 8,3%


Internship, the best way to find a job

38% of 2022 graduates (-10 points) found employment via their end-of-study internship. The use of professional social networks such as LinkedIn has grown significantly to 23% (+8 points). Headhunting and help from personal contacts to find a first job is also on the rise.

End-of-study internship 38%
Professional social networks 23%
Dedicated employment websites 10%
Personal contacts 7%
Apprenticeship 6%
Recruitment via a headhunter 5%
Company websites 4%
Other 7%


* This 31st survey by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles on the vocational integration of Major School graduates was carried out during the first quarter of 2023. Each participating CGE member school collected the data for their establishment. The survey participation rate for Telecom SudParis engineer graduates was 66.5%.



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