5 reasons to study a MOOC!

2016 marked the year that the word MOOC was added to the Larousse dictionary, defined as a Massive Open Online Course, also known as a FLOT (Formation en Ligne Ouvert à Tous), or CLOM (Cours en Ligne Ouvert et Massif) in French.

Telecom SudParis has created several MOOCs, which are available on platforms such as FUN-MOOC and COURSERA.

List of MOOCs available

Why study a MOOC?

The only resource that has no borders is knowledge. On top of being infinite, it's free. So what are you waiting for to enroll in a MOOC, available online for free?

They come in a wide variety and can be easily accessed on platforms like France Université Numérique, EdX and plenty of others.

Whether you're interested in cooking, DIY, science, geography, mathematics, IT, cybersecurity, data, network security, statistics, neuroscience, or health, there are MOOCs in every field.

The advantages of studying a MOOC

The main advantage of MOOCs is the fact that they are created by professors from highly selective schools, tertiary education establishments and top-level universities. This means that the classes provided are very high quality.

With class materials online, usually videos and supporting documents are included. This gives the user a high level of flexibility and agility to make the most of the MOOC. It's up to you to choose when and how you study, whether on your smartphone or laptop, at home or in the train, in the morning or even at night.

What you can get out of studying a MOOC

You will go to bed having learnt something, that’s for sure! Beyond that, some MOOCs also allow you to earn a certificate. It's rewarding, and helps to fill up your CV.

Finally, simply gaining new knowledge and skills is truly enriching. Being able to access knowledge in this way is kind of like receiving a book or movie or concert ticket as a gift. And you should never say no to a gift!

Consequences for your professional life!

As previously mentioned, studying a MOOC allows you to add a few lines to your CV. The certificates that some MOOCs provide are rewarding, valued, and above all, a useful reference!

Don't hesitate to list them among your qualifications, as well as share them on social media, particularly LinkedIn. Your personal branding and e-reputation are key levers when looking for a job, so don't neglect them!

Opening doors to new horizons

Since MOOCs are easily accessible and don’t have any pre-requisites, you can jump from MOOC to MOOC as you wish. If you have an open mind, and we are sure that you do, you will experience great satisfaction going from one subject to another, from augmented reality to optical FTTH access networks, for example. Now you should just about be ready for a list of the MOOCs offered by Telecom SudParis!