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Are you an entrepreneur, wishing to increase your visibility and opportunities to recruit students from Telecom SudParis? You’ve come to the right place!

There are multiple ways to network with our school:

Submit a job / internship offer

As a school under the French Ministry for Industry, Telecom SudParis has created close ties with companies.

Since its creation in 1979, it has been committed to training the best talents in the shifting, competitive world of digital technology. Each year, thousands of jobs and internships are offered to our students: IT service companies, consulting, banks and insurance companies, transport, energy, audiovisual, etc.

You can choose from a wide variety of opportunities: short-term internships, professional projects, end-of-studies missions, etc.

Internship periods in engineering programs under student status

  • During the program: International internship (12 weeks minimum)
  • In the first year: between mid-June and mid-September (4 weeks minimum)
  • In the second year: between July and mid-September (4 weeks minimum)
  • In the third year: between February and mid-September (24 weeks minimum)

There is also a funding option offered for third-year professionalization contracts, Aide Individuelle Régionale à la Formation (AIR).

Schedule of the engineering program under apprentice status

  • 3 days at work / 2 days at school

Internship periods in Advanced Masters

  • 4 months minimum


Recruit an engineer

To recruit an engineer who has recently graduated (in the past year), upload your ad on the online Telecom SudParis Career Center portal.

To recruit an engineer who graduated more than a year ago, go directly to the alumni website to upload your ad.

Attend our recruitment forums

Several times a year, Telecom SudParis offers companies the opportunity to network with students. It offers them a customizable stand and provides communication in advance around the company and its internship or employment offers.


Corner Tech

Organized in December by the Forum des Télécommunications student association in Paris.

Discovery Forum

In March, for short internships aimed at introducing first-year engineering students to the professional world.

Spring Forum

In May, to recruit first- and second-year apprentices, future graduates, Master of Science and Advanced Master students.

Partners Days

10 days to meet our partners, 30 minutes remotely/face-to-face to meet and talk with them... to go further: long-term internships and first jobs

Our Corporate and Partner Relations department is available to support you

and promote your offer to students.



Françoise Guiheneuc
Deputy manager
In charge of corporate and partner relations
+ 33 (0)1 60 76 42 09