Together, let's develop our talents

Multiple ways to get closer

You are an entrepreneur and want to increase your visibility and chances of recruiting Télécom SudParis students? Do not hesitate ! Télécom SudParis offer you a wide rang of profiles, in terms of experience, nationality and age giving companies a multitude number of opportunities for collaboration getting closer to our school.

Together, let's develop our talents

Submit an internship / employment offer

Internship periods :

Engineering cycle with student status

  • During the course: Internship abroad (12 weeks minimum)
  • In 1st year: between mid-June and mid-September (4 weeks minimum)
  • 2nd year: between July and mid-September (4 weeks minimum)
  • In 3rd year: between February and mid-September (24 weeks minimum)

There is a 3rd year option, AIR, which is proposed under a professionalization contract.

Engineering cycle with apprentice status

  • Rhythm 3 days company / 2 days school

Specialized master

  • 4 months minimum

Our corporate relations department is here to support you and promote your offer to students. To recruit a recently graduated engineer (less than one year), directly deposit your online offer.

To recruit a graduate of more than one year, go directly to the Alumni website to submit your offer.

Join our recruitment forums

Telecom SudParis offers several companies a year a privileged contact with its students. It puts at their disposal a customizable stand, and communicates upstream about the company and its internship or job offers.

Recruitment forums:

  • December: Le Forum des Télécoms is organized by the student association Forum des Télécommunications in Paris.
  • March: Forum découverte for short courses of discovery of the company intended for engineering students 1st year.
  • May: Forum de printemps for the Recruitment of Apprentices 1st and 2nd year, future graduates, master of science, specialized masters.
  • October: Forum d’automne for the first job offers of engineers or end-of-studies internships.


Saadia Ruis
In charge of engineer internships
+ 33 (0)1 60 76 42 25

Françoise Guiheneuc
Corporate and Partner Relations Officer / Postgraduate Internship Officer
+ 33 (0)1 60 76 42 09