Societal commitment

Telecom SudParis draws on its traditions of humanist, scientific and technological excellence to provide men and women with the keys to understanding our complex world, and trains them to become humanist, responsible engineers and managers. These men and women will be known and recognized for their ability to invent and build a more sustainable, resilient society.

Telecom SudParis affirms its societal responsibility by addressing the fundamental challenges faced by our society. Telecom SudParis thus encourages disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research on an airy, responsible and resilient campus.

Addressing gender-based violence

image d'illustration lutte contre violence

The School has implemented an action plan to prevent gender-based violence, ensure the learning environment is secure, set up reporting procedures, assist victims, and monitor and assess all these actions.

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Disability inclusion

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Diversity is a form of richness, and access to higher education is a universal right free of any distinction. Telecom SudParis ensures accessibility to its premises and facilitates the admission and integration of disabled students.

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Equal opportunity and social diversity

les cordées de la réussite

The Cordées de la Réussite state program is designed to take action against self-censorship and kindle an interest in higher education as of junior high school level. As part of this program, Telecom SudParis carries out numerous actions with schools in Évry-Courcouronnes and the Versailles district.

Cordées de la Réussite to discover the world of graduate schools