Women's rights: Telecom SudParis, a committed school

Telecom SudParis aims to ensure that tomorrow's digital society is designed and developed by all. International Women's Day 2023 theme is: "For an inclusive digital world: innovation and technologies for gender equality". This is an opportunity for Telecom SudParis to recall the areas in which the school is taking action to build a culture of equality between women and men:

  • the right to live free from gender-based discrimination and aggression,
  • the right to equal pay for equal work,
  • and finally, the right to education in the digital age.

Combating physical, sexual and psychological violence

Telecom SudParis has set up an action plan to prevent, secure the learning environment, provide reporting mechanisms, help victims and monitor and evaluate its actions. Telecom SudParis has a helpline, a multi-disciplinary health team, a reporting platform, as well as training courses, such as a recent film produced in virtual reality to raise awareness of gender-based violence. The prevention of moral or sexual harassment is included in Télécom SudParis' internal regulations.

Find out more about how Telecom SudParis combats gender-based violence.


The school promotes equality and mutual respect by supporting student association initiatives such as debates organized by IN&acT to deconstruct gender stereotypes, and discussion sessions with EquALLity to fight against sexist and sexual violence. Telecom SudParis also works with its student associations to invite engineering students and staff to the "Mardis de l'égalité" (equality Tuesdays), where issues of gender diversity, gender equality and anti-discrimination are regularly discussed.

Building a society where digital technology is an opportunity

Telecom SudParis has been committed to equal opportunities in priority education zones for some twenty years, through the "Cordées de la Réussite" program, and is stepping up its efforts to encourage secondary school girls to choose careers in the digital sector with the "Ambassadrice IMT" program. Technological innovations are constantly multiplying, creating a wide range of professions and ever-changing career prospects.

Promoting gender equality in employment

Since 2020, Télécom SudParis has reported positive results in terms of equal pay for male and female graduates. The professional integration survey (fr) carried out in 2023 proves it: the median gross annual salary (excluding bonuses) in France for young female and male graduates is exactly the same: €42,000. This places Telecom SudParis among the schools with the highest salaries for female graduates in France. What's more, 100% of Telecom SudParis female engineering graduates start their careers as executives, compared with 97.1% of male graduates.

The school's gender equality action plan is updated every year. For example, the school plans to make its selection committees aware of existing biases in the recruitment of its staff, and to ensure that candidate selection committees are gender-balanced.

Gender Equality contact

School Disability Officer
Gender Equality Officer
Email: @sandrine.chapelet
+33(0)1 60 76 41 24