Maisel in figures

  • 6 buildings on campus
  • 1 building in the center of Évry, a 10-minute walk from campus
  • 896 beds
  • 243 individual bedrooms
  • 613 studios
  • 13 apartments offered in a flat share

The convenience of living on-site

The Maisel (Maison des Élèves), is a not-for-profit student housing organization, which welcome students from Télécom SudParis and IMT-BS who want to live on the Évry campus. First-year students have priority booking within the deadline for enrolment.


Hébergement : photo de MAISEL OU MAISon des ELèves

All accommodation is furnished and equipped with a private bathroom and high-speed internet access, including both TV and WIFI.

MAISEL buildings contain shared living spaces: kitchen & dining rooms, laundry rooms and meeting rooms. Sandwich and drink dispensers are available in the lobbies of the buildings.



  • Rent: between €406 and €1,299 with the possibility to receive ALS (Social Housing Allowance) or APL (Personalized housing assistance)
  • Application fee: €90 nonrefundable, with an additional €10 each month (membership to the MAISELSudParis Association is mandatory)
  • Security deposit: €500 to be paid upon arrival, which will be reimbursed upon your departure.




+ 33 (0)1 60 76 40 70

Maisel technical support :
+ 33 (0)1 60 76 40 71 (on-call 24hrs a day)