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Teaching-Research Chairs enable reflection between industrial and academic on future topics of society and digital.

[Cyber CNI] Cybersecurity of critical infrastructures

Lancement Chaire CNIThe aim of this research chair is to contribute to the international development of research and training activities in a field that has become a national priority: the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures.

Led by IMT Atlantique, in collaboration with Télécom Paris and Telecom SudParis, and in partnership with the Fondation Mines-Telecom, this chair is supported by 8 partners and the Brittany Region.

Contact : Joaquin GARCIA-ALFARO, Professor at Telecom Networks and Services department, Telecom SudParis

[CVPIP] Values and Policies of Personal Information

16emeRencontre CVPIPThe Chair Values and Policies of Personal Information was launched by the IMT in April 2013. Created in partnership with the Imprimerie Nationale, BNP Paribas and Dassault Systemes, Orange, Deveryware , the Chair benefits from collaboration of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), the French Data Protection Authority and is also supported by the Mines-Telecom Foundation.

The Chair aims to help companies, citizens and public authorities in their reflection on the collection, use and sharing of personal information, such as information about individuals (their personal lives, their professional activities, their digital identities, their contributions on social networks, etc.) including those collected by smart objects that surround them (smartphones, smart meters, etc..).

Contact : Maryline LAURENT, Professor, professor and director of RST department (Networks and Telecoms Services), Télécom SudParis

Good In Tech

The Good In Tech Chair carried by Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, Télécom Paris, Telecom SudParis and Sciences Po School of Innovation and Management.

The Good In Tech Chair brings together four areas of research:

→ responsible digital innovation: what measures?
how to develop responsible technologies "by design"?
→ reinventing the future
→ governance of innovation and responsible technologies

Contact : Olivier MARTINOT, Director of Innovation and Corporate relations at Telecom SudParis

Future networks for Services of tomorrow

Salle Très haut débitIn a context where Industry 4.0 & IoT mingle, the networks are undergoing profound changes. The objective of this Chair is to train competent and open-minded general engineers able to conceive, size, deploy, optimize, evolve ... networks within a constantly evolving environment, in all sectors of activity of the network world (Builders, Operators, Integrators, IT services companies, Consulting, End Customers).

The Chair is created and supported by Télécom SudParis, in collaboration with Mines Saint-Etienne and Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, and in partnership with the Mines-Télécom Foundation.

Contact : Antoine LAVIGNOTTE, professor at RST Department (Telecommunications Networks and Services), Telecom SudParis

Digital Inventivities

Inventivité digitales - Designer, Ingénieur, Manager

The "Inventivités Digitales" teaching chair aims to develop new actions in favor of creativity in pedagogy. It concentrates 6 programs:

The Master "Digital Inventivities"
Challenges Companies "Design Thinking
The MOOC "Digital Creative Thinking: Managing Digital Creativity"
The publication of an annual white paper on digital creativity
The Creative Design Center for Rapid Prototyping, Collaboration, Collective Intelligence and Creativity.
Promoted by Institut-Mines Telecom Business School (IMT-BS), in collaboration with Télécom SudParis, in partnership with the Mines-Télécom Foundation, this chair is supported by Davidson Consulting.

Contact : Djamel BELAID,  Director of Studies, Director of Telecom SudParis IT Department, Telecom SudParis

(BOPA) Augmented Operatory Block

chaire BOPA

The BOPA (Bloc Opératoire Augmenté) Innovation Chair (fr) is a project created by the AP-HP and the Institut Mines-Télécom to measure and help improve surgeons' practices. The chair, based at Paul Brousse Hospital, involves anesthetists, surgeons, IBODEs (operating room nurses) and IADEs (state-qualified nurse anesthetists).

The originality of the partnership lies in the wide variety of professions and disciplines involved in innovation: researchers, startups, students and clinicians.

For startups, it's an incredible gas pedal, with access to practitioners, business expertise and data, essential for their projects.

For Telecom SudParis students, specially in the Health pathway, it's an opportunity to benefit from a dense e-health ecosystem, to consider the user right from the design stage of the technological solution, and to take ownership of the technological challenges.

Contact: Nesma HOUMANI, associate professor at EPH (Electronics and Physics) department, Telecom SudParis

(INTEGRATE) Digital engineering & environmental transition

Lancement Chaire INTEGRATE amphi Etoile

Telecom SudParis is launching the Digital Engineering & Environmental Transition Chair for Responsible Management and Accelerated Energy Transformation (INTEGRATE) [fr], with the support of the Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile, Michelin, Sopra Steria, LOG, EUROCONTROL and the Fondation Mines-Télécom.

As part of the European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW), this Chair meets a growing demand from students wishing to deepen their skills in the field of environmental transition and to learn about the major issues involved.

Contact : Emmanuel MONFRINI, Dean of studies, Telecom SudParis

Chaire Numérique, Psychiatrie et Neurosciences

Visuel chaire santé carréThe interdisciplinary Chair in Psychiatry and Neuroscience, co-founded by Telecom SudParis and GHU Paris, the world's leading hospital for mental illness and the nervous system, draws on the strength of a network of partners: researchers specialized in AI and digital technology, healthcare professionals, medico-social structures (IMEs, CAMPS), national education schools and socio-economic specialists.

The themes of the Chair are:

→ Early detection of neurodevelopmental disorders, from kindergarten onwards
→ Fine characterization of adult patients with chronic/resistant disorders
→Cognitive and/or behavioral remediation
→ Digital, neuroscience, humanities and social sciences

Contact: Nesma HOUMANI, associate professor at EPH (Electronics and Physics) department, Telecom SudParis