General Engineering program in Digital Technology – Health pathway

  • An engineering course for experts in digital technology who are familiar with health themes
  • Benefiting from an e-health ecosystem combining schools, health professionals, industry and public authorities
  • Built with a “by design” approach, considering users from the earliest phase of design of the technological solution
  • Multidisciplinary: including socioeconomic and ethical aspects, from the technology itself to how it is used
  • Cross-disciplinary: addressing health and human well-being, following an eco-systemic approach


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A combination of an engineering program and practical experience in the health sector

  • A solid foundation of knowledge in all areas of digital technology
  • A comprehensive general engineering program with skills in management, languages and humanities
  • A progressive immersion in the field of health, allowing engineers to discover and work with the sector’s technological, societal and economic challenges, while conserving their expertise in digital technology

Each year, over 30 engineering students join this pathway.


A 3-year pathway that combines health and digital technology

The Health pathway: choose subjects for your projects, internship, and teaching units to apply your training to the theme of health. For example:

First year

  • 2 projects applied to health
  • 1 seminar dedicated to image processing
  • 1 internship to discover the hospital, non-profit or industrial environment

Second year

  • 3 opening modules on e-health, neuroscience and bioinformatics
  • 1 advanced module on biomedical imaging
  • 1 applied project in e-health
  • 1 internship in the field of e-health

Third year

  • 1 graduation project in a field of digital technology applied to health
  • 1 internship in a field of digital technology applied to health
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The pathway is supported by:

• AFM Telethon • Hopital Foch • Merck • Accenture • Fondation Mines-Telecom




Associate professor
Coordinator of the Health pathway at Telecom SudParis
Tel : 06 22 58 64 88