General Engineering program in Digital Technology – Entrepreneurship pathway

  • A project-based course that focuses on all aspects of company creation, throughout the entire duration of the course.
  • Offering “development of practical skills and experience in entrepreneurship”, via:
  • Hands-on activities to gain experience, both projects and internships, offered throughout the entire course
  • Specific lessons to understand the particular concepts involved in launching an innovative digital technology start-up...
  • A comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem developed over 20 years at the school through the IMT Starter Incubator:  coaching, hosting, funding, networking, and more…
  • The possibility for the creation of multidisciplinary teams with Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

The combination of an engineering program and experience in innovative company creation and intrapreneurship

⇒ A solid foundation of knowledge in all areas of digital technology

⇒ A comprehensive general engineering program with skills in management, economics, languages and humanities

⇒ A progressive, active immersion in the world of entrepreneurship, enabling engineers to create projects and launch a company during their studies, if they wish, or after graduating

A 3-year pathway that combines entrepreneurship and digital technology

The Entrepreneurship pathway: choose your internships and teaching units to apply your training to the theme of entrepreneurship. For example:

First year:

  • 1 discovery internship in a start-up or work on your own company creation project at the IMT Starter incubator.
  • Possibility to participate in IMT Starter workshops and 1 entrepreneurial project (innovative subjects submitted by partners).

Second year:

  • Participate in the Entrepreneurial Projects Challenge (fr): Cross-disciplinary week at IMT-BS and ENSIIE.
  • Possibility to be hosted at the IMT Starter incubator during summer (10 – 12 weeks) for a pre-incubation period to develop your own company creation project through a support program that includes workshops and coaching sessions.
  • Students can also gain this entrepreneurial experience overseas, at one of the IMT Starter partner incubators.Possibility to work on the CASSIOPEE project on a subject proposed by a start-up under the supervision of IMT Starter.

Third year:

  • Option 1: Major in Innovation, Design and Committed Entrepreneurship (IDEE) for the entire school year, 1 class seminar each month + 3 weeks of work on your own innovative digital technology company creation project at IMT Starter as a replacement for the engineering internship
  • Option 2: Specialization track (VAP) in 1st semester + possibility to carry out a VAP project (225 hrs) on a subject in relation with your company creation project (if the subject is compatible with the VAP theme) + possibility to complete the engineering internship (24 weeks) at the IMT Starter incubator for your own company creation project.

Entrepreneurship at Telecom SudParis


⇒ Training through action: “creativity” and “Entrepreneurial Projects Challenge” cross-disciplinary weeks in second year.

⇒ Third year 100% dedicated to launching innovative digital technology company creation projects in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age (SEED) major.

⇒ The IMT Starter company incubator, which has supported the creation of over 200 start-ups.

⇒ The IMT fund for interest free loans and Telecom Booster investment fund to finance start-ups coming out of our campus.

⇒ An entrepreneurial club for graduates of Telecom SudParis and Institut Mines-Telecom Business School.

⇒ Access to IMT innovation actions: Greater visibility for IMT Starter start-ups at Vivatech, CES in Las Vegas and Bercy IMT Innovation Awards

⇒ Support to access Student Entrepreneur status: guidance available from the reference contact for the Paris-Saclay PEPITE program at IMT Starter


Pathway coordinator

Sebastien Cauwet

IMT Starter Incubator Director

Email : @Sebastien.cauwet