Study abroad and Exchange program

Telecom SudParis has built up a vast network of partnerships with elite universities and engineering schools all over the world.

Twice annually we send out an update to all partner universities containing full details of the exchange programs currentlly available to international students, along with information regarding the application procedure and applicable deadlines.

Study abroad and Exchange program

Incoming students

incoming students Télécom SudParis 1Are your from a partner university?

Students from our partner universities can apply for an exchange or a double degree mobility. To make sure that your university is a partner of Télécom SudParis, you will need to check our list of partner institutions and universities.

if you do not study in one of our partner universities, you can come to Télécom SudParis but you will have to pay fees.

Mobility at Télécom SudParis

You can apply for :

  • Exchange mobility: one to two semesters
  • Double degree mobility: three to four semesters to obtain our Master in Engineering in addition to the diploma of your home institution
  • Our MSc Data Science and Network Intelligence : two semesters
  • Final year project : 2 to 3 months

What can I study at Télécom SudParis ?

incoming students Télécom SudParis4Exchange and double degree students can take courses from :

Besides, students can also apply to the Masters delivered by IP Paris, almost exclusively taught in English

What are the requirements?

Télécom SudParis is a graduate school of Engineering. Télécom SudParis doesn’t deliver undergraduate programs.

To participate in an exchange program, students must have validated 7 semesters prior to the exchange.

To participate in a double degree program, students must hold a bachelor degree or equivalent.

To apply to our MSc “Data Science and Network Intelligence”, students must hold a Master 1 degree or equivalent academic level (240 ECTS credits)

Application procedure

incoming students Télécom SudParis 7Students coming under an exchange agreement must comply with the following steps :

Step 1. They must be nominated by the International Relations Office of their home institution. It is the responsibility of this office to send us the nomination @international prior to the nomination deadline.

Step 2. Nominated students must retun to @international the following documents, prior to the application deadline :

  • The application form duly completed and signed
  • A learning agreement approved and signed by the home institution
  • A recent photo
  • A CV
  • A cover letter
  • Transcript of records
  • Language certificate (French or English)
  • Table on the cost of living in France, duly signed by the applicant

Step 3. Admitted students will receive their notification of admission within 2 weeks

Integration and immigration

Student Guide

student guideWhat will you find on the student guide ?
– academic calendar
– procedures and instructions about the registration, the insurance and the immigration
– how to open a bank account
– campus life and facilities
– useful links and information for your stay in France and in Evry

We invite you to read the document before your arrival in France to prepare your travel and to know all the formalities.


Your arrival in France

incoming students Télécom SudParis 3Two months before your arrival in France you will get :

  • the planning for the Orientation Day
  • the schedule of the French Intensive Classes
  • the details for the pick-up at the airport
  • a list of things you have to do before your departure and the documents you have to bring with you

The Welcom! Association will be in charge of the pick-up, they will help you settle in and will propose you activities during your stay at Telecom SudParis.


Orientation Day

incoming students Télécom SudParis 5Students must be present for the Orientation Day and must participate to the Intensive French Classes (3 weeks).

During the Orientation Day :
- there is presentation of the school and the administrative staff members
- we give to you the different procedures you have to do when you arrive (registration, immigration, insurance...)
- you get your student card and the access to the TSP system (login and password)
- you have a tour of the campus and the city...

The 3-week Intensive French Classes start the second week of September and it is free of charge. Before you start the classes, there is a test in order to evaluate your level and to make the groups.

More information about the Orientation Day and the French classes will be sent during the Summer.


Accommodation : MAISEL (Maisel des Elèves) Residence

Maisel Télécom SudParisInternational students can be accommodated on-campus or off-campus. It is not an obligation to stay in our residence, but we highly recommend staying on-campus because of the facilities and the cost.

More about our residence

The International Relations Office reserves a room for international students. Students are requested to confirm the reservation by making an online reservation and by paying a down-payment of 200 euros.

For more information about the MAISEL and the reservation procedure, please consult the website.


Off-campus Housing

incoming students Télécom SudParis 8There are a huge range of student residence in Evry or around (Paris).

If you want to stay outside the campus, in Evry or anywhere else, be aware that you will be requested to pay a deposit equal to 2 to 3 months of rent.

If you use a realtor to find a flat to share with your friends or for a studio, it is an obligation to have a guarantor who must be a French citizen. You also have to pay extra charges and an important deposit.

If you find an accommodation with a private owner, be careful of the renting conditions. Sometimes, they are more flexible than the realtor.

If you need help or advice, do not hesitate to contact the International Relations Office.


Visa and Immigration procedure

incoming students Télécom SudParis 9CEF procedure

If you want to study in France and obtain a visa, you must use the CEF procedure. To know if your country is concerned about this procedure, please refer to their website.

You have to open a personal account and create a file. Once you receive our admission offer letter, the French Consulate will consult the information on the CEF system to deliver or not the student visa.

Telecom SudParis has to confirm your admission on the CEF system, so, do not forget to give us your applicant number when you finish your application


Study programmes undertaken in European schools or universities are validated by obtaining ECTS credits.
ECTS are European credits used by all the partner establishments within the framework of our Erasmus+ agreements.

A number of ECTS credits are allocated to each course depending on the workload required to validate it (all learning activities: seminars, individual work and exams). Students can therefore evaluate the workload and hours of study required to successfully complete a course.

  • 60 credits = one academic year
  • 30 credits = one semester

ECTS accredited courses are no different from standard courses. They are an integral part of the initial training delivered by the host establishment and are also taken by local students. The host establishment is responsible for allocating ECTS credits to its various courses. Credits can also be allocated to projects and theses, for example, as long as they are part of the initial study programme.
In order to obtain the credits, a student must have taken the whole course and passed the exams. Once this has been done, the ECTS credits awarded are valid in all European higher education institutions.

picto flècheFind out more about ECTS credits.

The academic year is divided into two semesters + one examination-week at the end of each:

  • Fall semester: from September to February
  • Spring semester: from February to June
  • Examination period: one week in January and one week in June