Awards and honors

Teachers-researchers of Telecom SudParis are regularly distinguished for the value of their work and the national and international influence of their activities.

Awards and honors

Awards and honors

Celtic-Plus Excellence Award 2018

The CONVINcE project will receive Celtic-Plus Award in the category Excellence, on the occasion of the conference Celtic-Plus on 2018, on May 24th, 2018 in Helsinki in Finland.

Celtic-Plus Excellence Award 2017

The NOTTS Project will receive the Celtic-Plus Award category Excellence at the Celtic-Plus 2017 Conference in Barcelona on 18 and 19 May 2017. Ana CavalliAna Cavalli, ancien Professor and Dean of Software Networks Department and actually Professor emeritus at Telecom SudParis, is part of the team that conducted the project. The NOTTS Project investigate the technical problems experienced by service providers of over-the-top multimedia services, propose realistic solutions, and evaluate these solutions in testbeds and real networks. To know more about the NOTTS Project. To know more about Celtic-Plus.

October 2016

Best Paper Award

Nel Samama, Alexandre Vervish-Picois and Thierry Taillandier-Loize, all teachers-Researchers in 'Wireless networks and multimedia services' department of Telecom SudParis, won the Best Paper Award for their paper "A GNSS-like Indoor Positioning System Implementing An Inverted Radar Approach Simulation - results with a 6/7-antenna single transmitter", in the IEEE IPIN 2016 Conference on the indoor positioning and navigation, which held in Madrid from 2016 October 4 to 7.

September 2016

Best Paper Award

Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro, Teacher-Researcher in 'Networks and services' department of Telecom SudParis, and Jose Manuel Rubio Hernan, PhD, won the Best Paper Award Runner-Up of ARES 2016 Conference which held in Salzburg (Austria), from 2016 August, 31st to september, 2nd.

April 2016

Celtic-Plus Innovation Award

IPNQSIS Project received the Celtic-Plus Award category Innovation. The Conference was organized in conjonction with the "EUREKA 2016 Innovation Week" which hosted also the ITEA3 Conference. Ana Cavalli, ancien Professor and Dean of Software Networks Department and actually Professor emeritus at Telecom SudParis, is part of the team that conducted the project. The IPNQSIS Project develop mechanisms that allow monitoring and managing service quality of IPTV, Mobile TV, VoIP and videoconferencing. These mechanisms enable optimizing the customers' Quality of Experience. To know more about the IPNQSIS Project. Download the Award Ceremony picture. To know more about Celtic-Plus.

EUREKA Innovation Award

The DIAMONDS Project received the EUREKA Award Innovation 2016 in the category "Added Value".  The Conference was organized in conjonction with the "EUREKA 2016 Innovation Week" which hosted also the Celtic-Plus 2016 Conference. Ana CavalliStéphane MaagAna Cavalli, Professeur emeritus and Stéphane Maag, Professor at the Telecom SudParis' "Wireless networks and multimedia services" Department, was part of the team that conducted the project. In several industry case studies, DIAMONDS has evaluated efficient and automated security testing methods of industrial relevance for highly secure systems in multiple domains (e.g. banking, transport or telecommunication). To know more about the DIAMONDS Project. To know more about EUREKA.

Excellence Award

The project ADAX received ITEA Award of Excellence in the "Business Impact" category on the occasion of ITEA3. The award will be presented on April 28, 2016 in Stockholm. Hervé Debar, Professor in "Networks and Services" Telecom SudParis' Department, is part of the team that conducted the project. The ADAX project (Attack Detection And Countermeasures Simulation) aims to strengthen the cyber attack detection mechanisms to simulate countermeasures in order to have an overall view of its impact on the network and make the best decision based on context. Learn more about the ADAX project. Learn more about ITEA3.

December 2014

Best Paper Award

Sophie ChabridonSophie Chabridon, Assistant-Professor in "Computing" Department of Telecom SudParis, won the Best Paper Award for "Extending Ambient Intelligence to the Internet of Things: New Challenges for QoC Management" at the 8th UCAmI 2014 Conference (Ubiquitous Computing & Ambient Intelligence) held in Belfast, Ireland from 2 to 5 December 2014. The authors of the article are also Pierrick Marie, Thierry Desprats and Michelle Sibilla all three of IRIT UMR 5505 Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse.

August 2014

Photo Nesrine Kaaniche Photo Mohamed El BarboriNesrine Kaaniche, Maryline Laurent et Mohamed El Barbori won the "Best paper award" for their paper "CloudaSec: A Novel Public-key based Framework to handle Data Sharing Security in Clouds". at the "11th International Conference on Security and Cryptography" (SECRYPT 2014) wich held at Vienna in Austria, on August 28-30, 2014. Nesrine Kaaniche, PhD, Maryline Laurent, Professor, and Mohamed El Barbori, Associate Professor, work in Telecom SudParis' "Networks and Services" Department.

May 2014

Best Paper Award

 picture Catherine Lepers Photo Sina FazelDjamel Amar, Catherine Lepers and Sina Fazel has successfully presented their paper titled "How Problematic is Spectrum Fragmentation in Operator's Gridless Network?" in the 18th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling (ONDM) which was held in Stockholm, Sweden on May 19-22, 2014. The authors of the paper are also Esther Le Rouzic (Orange Labs Lannion), Nicolas Brochier (Orange Labs Lannion), Jean Luc Auge (Orange labs Lannion),  and Nancy Perrot (Orange Labs Issy-les-moulineaux). In this paper, the authors offer an exhaustive analyze and an accurate evaluation for spectrum fragmentation issue in flexible optical networks. They also propose new metrics for fragmentation measurement and some approaches to face such problem. This paper won the ONDM 2014 best paper award. Djamel Amar and Sina Fazel are PhD in Telecom SudParis EPH Department, supervised by Catherine Lepers, Professor in Telecom SudParis EPH Department.

October 2013

Affiliate Professor

Noël Crespi is appointed as Affiliate Professor by Concordia University (Canada) from January 2014 to December 2016. This appointment is part of joint research and a long-term partnership established between the two institutions. Noël Crespi is Dean of Studies in RS2M department, Adjunct Professor in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and member of Advisory Board of Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (FTW). He got alone or in teams many international awards (Best Paper and Best Presentation Awards, Achievement Award, Celtic Gold Award).

Best Paper Award

Noël Crespi pictureNoël Crespi, Dean of Studies in Telecom SudParis' RS2M department, won in team 2 Best Paper Awards (runner-up) at the International Conference of Intelligence in Next Generation Networks (ICIN) 2013. "WebRTC, the Day After", alongside Emmanuel Bertin, Sébastien Cubaud, Stéphane Tuffin, Stéphane Caseaux (Orange Labs), and Maria-Victoria Beltran-Martinez, post-doc in Telecom SudParis' RS2M department. "Manifesto of Edge ICT Fabric", alongside Antonio Manzalini & Roberto Minerva (Telecom Italia), Eliezer Dekel & Yoav Tock (IBM Haifa Research Lab), Ernest Kaempfer (Intel Corporation), Wouter Tavernier, Koen Casier, Sofie Verbrugge & Didier Colle (Université de Ghent), Franco Callegati, Aldo Campi & Walter Cerroni (Università di Bologna), Ricard Vilalta, Raul Muñoz, Ramon Casellas & Ricardo Martinez (CTTC), Nicola Mazzocca & Elisa Maini (Università di Napoli Federico II).

June 2013

Award Gamification

Sophie Chabridon Michel SimaticThe game "Plug : les secrets du musée" got the Gamification award in e-virtuoses conference on serious games held on 4 and 5 June 2013 in Valenciennes (France). This project aims to make it worthwhile visiting a museum through the game. Sophie Chabridon and Michel Simatic, faculty in the Telecom SudParis' Computing Department are involved in the project for the school. Plug is an industrial research project supported by the ANR (Agence nationale de la recherche / National Research Agency) and labeled by the cluster Cap Digital. It studies the embedded and mobile technologies for the implementation of ambient/pervasive/ubiquitous games, and their acceptability through socio-cultural, economic and industrial point of view. It brings together several academic and industrial partners: Institut Mines-Telecom, CNAM, University of La Rochelle, Orange, Net Innovations and TetraEdge. To know more about Plug.

March 2013

Ten Years Impact Paper Award

Daqing Zhang's paper entitled “Ontology Based Context Modeling and Reasoning using OWL” (published in 2004) was granted the Ten Years CoMoRea Impact Paper award in IEEE PerCom 2013, San Diego, USA. IEEE PerCom is the premier conference in Pervasive Computing and Communication with an acceptance rate of 10.6% this year. The paper got more than 780 citations according to Google Scholar till March 2013 and the proposed two-tier OWL-based context model has been widely adopted by the pervasive computing, mobile computing and service-oriented computing community. Daqing Zhang is a Professor (Directeur d'études) at RST Department. He also has a regular paper entitled "B-Planner: Night Bus Route Planning using Large-scale Taxi GPS Traces" (with C. Chen, T. Atmaca) published in IEEE PerCom 2013 and was invited to give a keynote speech on "Context aware computing in the era of crowd sensing" in CoMoRea, March 2013 - San Diego, USA. To know more about PerCom 2013.

November 2012

ISO Certificate of Appreciation

Photo Marius PredaMarius Preda, teacher-researcher in Telecom SudParis ARTEMIS department, obtained a global "ISO Certificate of Appreciation" according to the quality of his works on 6  MPEG standards: ISO/IEC 14496-16:2011, Information technology - Coding of audio-visual objects - Animation Framework eXtension (AFX). ISO/IEC 14496-25:2011, Information technology - Coding of audio-visual objects - 3D graphics Compression Model. ISO/IEC 23005-4:2011, Information technology - Media context and control - Virtual world object characteristics. ISO/IEC 23006-1:2011, Information technology - MPEG extensible middleware (MXM) - MXM architecture and technologies. ISO/IEC 23006-2:2011, Information technology - MPEG extensible middleware (MXM) - MXM API. ISO/IEC 23006-3:2011, Information technology - MPEG extensible middleware (MXM) - Reference software.

October 2012

Achievement Award

Photo Noël CrespiThe EU project Do-it-Yourself Smart Experiences (DiYSE) won the Silver ITEA Achievement. The ITEA Achievement award highlights very successful projects with outstanding contributions to the ITEA programme. Major factors include innovation, exploitation and dissemination. As ITEA aims to make Europe's industry more competitive, effective industrial exploitation of project results is crucial. The Internet of Things (IoT) marks the next major revolution in worldwide connectivity. The ITEA 2 DiYSE project has developed a technical platform to overcome barriers to user-generated IoT applications for ordinary people, developers and other ecosystem actors alike. Key outcomes are a live public experimental Internet site and a series of underlying technical assets, many already being exploited. Noël Crespi, Professor in RS2M Telecom SudParis research department, represents Telecom SudParis in the project led by Alcatel-Lucent Belgium. To know more about ITEA Achievement Award 2012.

Exhibition Award

Ana CavalliStéphane MaagPhoto Pramila MouttappaThe DIAMONDS Project obtains ITEA Exhibition Award 2012 during ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit held 30th and 31st of october 2012 in CNIT-La Défense (Paris/France). It was the 5th edition of the Co-summit, organised by ITEA 2 - the EUREKA Cluster on software-intensive systems and services and by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking on embedded systems. Nearly 700 participants from industry, academia, public authorities and press attended this key European event. This year's theme was: Sharing a vision for ICT innovation. The DIAMONDS Project is care by Ana Cavalli, Stéphane Maag and their PhD Pramila Mouttappa who has presented a poster during the summit. To know more about the summit. To know more about the DIAMONDS Project.

Best Presentation Award

Photo Noël Crespi The paper "Towards Halos Networks: Ubiquitous Networking and Computing At the Edge" won the Best Presentation Award in ICIN 2012 in Berlin, october 2012. The paper was presented by A. Manzalini (Telecom Italia, Italy). Other authors of the paper were Noël Crespi, Professor in RS2M Telecom SudParis research department, V. Gonçalves (IBBT-SMIT, Belgium), R. Minerva (Telecom Italia, Italy). To know more about ICIN 2012.

September 2012

Best Paper Award

Photo Vincent GauthierThe paper entitled “Predicting Mobile Phone User Locations by Exploiting Collective Behavioral Patterns”, authored by Haoyi Xiong, Daqing Zhang and Vincent Gauthier from Telecom SudParis (Institut Mines-Telecom), and developed as part of the team’s research in the EU FP7 SOCIETIES project, won the Best Paper Award at the 9th IEEE Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC 2012), Fukuoka, Japan, Sept. 2012. The acceptance rate of full papers in UIC 2012 is 25%. The SOCIETIES’ Telecom SudParis team, led by Prof. Daqing Zhang, is responsible for the user agent design, user location and intent prediction, mobile social community creation and detection, as well as bridging online social networks and the spontaneous mobile social networks. This paper aims to predict the user’s location as part of the user’s context. While the state-of-the-art research predicts the mobility pattern of individual users based on their historical location traces, we first propose to use the collective behavior of massive user groups mined from cellular trajectories to enhance the prediction of individual user’s future locations, leading to a new type of location predictor considering both individual’s historical mobility pattern and the collective behavioral pattern of the user communities. To know more about UIC 2012.

March 2012

Adjunct professor

Noël Crespi has just been admitted has "adjunct professor" by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) from 2012, march to 2015, february.

February 2012

Celtic Gold Award

The SERVERY project won the prestigious Celtic plus excellence award 2012 in gold at Stockholm. Noël Crespi pictureSERVERY's main objective is related to the creation of a Service Marketplace, i.e. the possibility for end user to access to a great deal of innovative services created by professionals or by the user‘s community. The idea is to take advantage of the Internet and the Telco environment, considering the different architectural approaches (the innovative one of the Web 2.0. and the reliable and standardized one of IMS). The marketplace infrastructure aims at bridging the Web-based and IMS network, in order to make available a totally new operating environment, based on the flexibility and friendliness of former and the reliability of the latter, specifically considering security, charging and identity management. The project is led by Orange Labs, and Noël Crespi (RS2M department) participate for Telecom SudParis. To know more about the SEVERY Project. See the Celtic Award.

December 2011

Innovation Prize

Maryline Laurent pictureThe ANR RESCUEIT Project has won an honorable second place in the French-German Business Award 2011 in the category "Innovation". Maryline Laurent, Ethmane El Moustaine and Ayoub Abid, from Telecom SudParis, partner on the project with SAP Labs France, has designed new security and privacy mechanisms adapted to RFID, so the introduction of RFID identification of goods brings easy tracking and inventory control to supply chains, with no security deterioration. More details on SAP Community Network.

Best Paper Award

Daqing Zhang, from Telecom SudParis' Networks and Services Department, won the Best Paper Award at the international conference "Mobiquitous 2011", for the paper "Real-time Detection of Anomalous Taxi Trajectories from GPS Traces" co-authored by C. Chen, D. Zhang, P.S. Castro and N. Li. This research work is supported by Institut Mines-Telecom under the general program "Futur et Ruptures", on the project "Social Intelligence: Extracting Community and Social Behavior from Large-scale Mobile Sensing data". Daqing Zhang is a Professor (Directeur d'études) at RST Department and SAMOVAR Lab. In the field of  taxi GPS data mining, Prof. Zhang's team has published three papers in 2011: the first was published at PerCom in March 2011 and was highlighted by IEEE Spectrum, the second was published in September 2011 by UbiComp - the best conference in Ubiquitous Computing; this paper is the third in this field published in 2011 by his team. To know more about Mobiquitous 2011.

November 2011

Senior Member SEE

Tulin Atmaca was admitted as Senior Member SEE.

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award of ICTSS'11, the "23rd IFIP Int. Conference on Testing Software and Systems", was given to: Ana CavalliAmel MammarThe Paper was about "Using testing techniques for vulnerability detection in C programs". They share the award with Willy Jimenez, Wissam Mallouli and Edgardo Montes de Oca. Abstract of the Paper : "Dynamic code analysis attempts to find errors or vulnerabilities while a program is executing on a real or virtual processor. The objective of dynamic analysis is to reduce debugging time by automatically pinpointing and informing on errors as they occur. The use of dynamic analysis tools can reduce the need for the developer to recreate the precise conditions under which an error, a vulnerability or a security flow occurs. This paper presents a formal approach to detect software vulnerabilities in C programs relying on formalmodels of vulnerabilities causes called "Vulnerability Detection Conditions" (VDCs). These models provide a formal interpretation of a vulnerability to facilitate its automatic detection using dynamic code analysis tool. To illustrate our approach, a prototype tool TestInv-Code has been developed. It allows to detect the presence of vulnerabilities by checking the VDCs on the execution trace of the studied C program. By traces we mean here the disassembled instructions that are being executed. The tool has been applied on an open source application XINE that contains a known vulnerability to demonstrate its effectiveness". The ICTSS'11 is the successor of ICTSS'10 in Natal, Brazil and previous (joint) conferences TESTCOM and FATES. ICTSS'11 aims at being a forum for researchers, developers, testers, and users to review, discuss, and learn about new approaches, concepts, theories, methodologies, tools, and experiences in the field of testing of communicating systems and general software. Since testing, if done systematically, is known to be a laborious and very cost-intensive task, the ICTSS series of international conferences addresses the conceptual, theoretic, and practical problems of testing software systems, including communication protocols, services, distributed platforms, middleware, controllers and security infrastructures. To know more.

October 2011

Best Presentation Award

The Best Paper Award at WSNSCM'11 was given for the paper "Integration of RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks into a Supply Chain Management System" to:
  • Maryline Laurent (RST department)
  • Laurent Gomez (SAP)
  • E. El Moustaine.
Maryline Laurent pictureAbstract: Wireless Sensor Networks together with Radio Frequency Identification are promising technologies for supply chain management systems. They both provide supply chain players with goods tracking and monitoring functions along the chain. Whereas RFIDs are rather focusing on identification of goods (e.g., identification, classification), WSNs are meant to monitor and control the supply chain environment. Nevertheless, despite the interest for the supply chain management systems, their integration is often deterred due to the lack of interoperability. In this paper, we propose a software framework which makes easier the integration of both RFIDs and WSNs into supply chain management systems.

Best Presentation Award

The Best Presentation Award of "ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2011" Symposium, was given for the DIAMONDS project especially to: "DIAMONDS" seams "Development and Industrial Application of Multi-Domain Security Testing Technologies". Ana CavalliStéphane MaagOn 25-26 October, the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2011 was held in the Scandic Marina Congress Center in Helsinki, Finland. It was the 4th edition of the Co-summit, expecting over 600 participants from industry, academia, public authorities and press. Once again the project exhibitions of ITEA and ARTEMIS were the pivotal elements of the event with over 75 innovative and market-oriented R&D projects showcasing themselves. This year, the exhibitions also had a direct link to the theme with a special focus area on clean technologies. The plenary programme and parallel sessions were geared to the Co-summit 2011 theme as well. Furthermore, the programme included plenary family sessions of ITEA & ARTEMIS and presentations of the Achievement Award 2011 nominees. To know more.

July 2011

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award of WINSYS/ICETE 2011 « International Conference on Wireless Information Networks and Systems » Conference was given to: The Paper was about: « Experimental validation for TR-UWB systems By Time Delayed Sampling and Correlation (TDSC) » Photo Jorge PardinasPhoto Muriel MullerPhoto Roger LambertiThe purpose of WINSYS 2011, the International Conference on Wireless Information Networks and Systems, is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested on information systems and applications in the context of wireless networks and mobile technologies. Information systems and information technology are pervasive in the whole communications field, which is quite vast, encompassing a large number of research topics and applications: from practical issues to the more abstract theoretical aspects of communication; from low level protocols to high-level networking and applications; from wireless networking technologies to mobile information systems; many other topics are included in the scope of WINSYS. To know more.

Best Paper Award

Noël Crespi and Gyu Myoung Lee won the Best Paper Award in the ICNS 2011 Conference for the paper "Efficient Mobile IP Location Update Mechanism for Idle Terminals in Optical Wireless Integrated Access Networks". Photo Noël CrespiPhoto Gyu Myoung Lee They share the award with:
  • S.H. Shah Newaz, PhD in Telecom SudParis RS2M department
  • Raja Usman Akbar, lecturer, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad (Pakistan)
  • Youngmi Lim
  • JunKyun Choi
To know more.

May 2011

Olivier Berger pictureOlivier Berger, Research Engineer, "Computer Science" Department of Telecom SudParis, has just been admitted official Debian Developer, after having successfully passed the "New Maintainer" process. The Debian Project is an association of people who have made ​​common cause to create a free operating system. This operating system is called "Debian GNU / Linux". An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that can operate a computer. At the heart of an operating system is the kernel. The kernel is the most fundamental program on the computer, it makes all the basic management of resources and make possible to run other programs. Debian systems currently use the Linux kernel. To know more.

October 2010

Gold Medal

Frederique Silber-ChaussumierFrédérique Silber-Chaussumier and the G2 team from INF department which participated in this project, received the gold medal for the ParMA project, presented at ITEA2 Symposium (26-27 October, Ghent). The ITEA2 ParMA project objective was to allow high performance computing (HPC) applications and traditional applications, to take full advantage of the power of multicore architectures that are deployed, and facilitate the emergence of a new embedded applications type of high power consuming processors whose volume and heat dissipation have been so reduced to take place aboard an aircraft. To achieve this objective, the project has developed advanced technology to exploit the parallelism both of HPC systems on the MPSoC (Multi-Processor on Chip) processor-based multicore. The main results of the project were
  • construction and the provision of UNITE package contains all the measurement and performance analysis tools, validated in many contexts;
  • delivery of a new software infrastructure, including enhancements developed under the project, for the Bull bullx system, recognized as the best supercomputer in the world;
  • new performance gains achieved by all applications for many of them have already resulted in obtaining new contracts.
Telecom SudParis is involved in this project through the INF Department G2 team. Our contribution has focused particularly on increasing the productivity of parallel applications development by providing, from a paradigm of high-level programming, to derive optimized programs for the target architecture. Download the ParMA Poster

Silver Medal

Marc Girot-Genet and two of his Phd, received the silver medal for the CAM4HOME project, presented at ITEA2 Symposium  (26-27 October, Ghent).

Best Exhibition Awards

Noël Crespi and his team won the Best Exhibition Award for the DiYSE (Do-it-Yourself Smart Experiences) project, presented at ITEA2 Symposium (26-27 October, Ghent). The DiY Smart Experiences project aims to create a sustainable marketplace for user-generated applications and services. It supports non-technically-skilled people to create and share their own smart environment involving interactive objects, devices and media.

August 2010

Best Paper Award

Noël Crespi picture

Noël Crespi won the Best Paper Award in the 2010 ICSEA Conference for the paper "Business and Information System Alignment: A Formal Solution for Telecom Services". "The main aim of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is to master the development and the evolutions of Information Systems (IS). The EA process consists in designing on several views the IS target architecture, according to the company strategy. The business view represents the target organization of the considered company. The functional view focuses on the target functional architecture of the considered IS. In this paper, we propose a new formal solution to analyze the consistency between the target functional view and the target business view of telecom services. This solution is based on the definition of a strategic alignment of the target functional view with the target business view. Alignment is illustrated with a real case study achieved with Orange - France Telecom on their messaging service. An alignment measure completing this analysis provides an estimation of the gap between a target functional view and a target business view."

May 2010

"Ordre National du Mérite"

The "Ordre National du Merite" is a french national prestigious distinction. Bernadette Dorizzi is "Chevalier dans l'Ordre National du Mérite", class 2010, May.

Best thesis Awards

Sraddha AdhikariSraddha Adhikari, student of MSc COMNets Telecom SudParis/AIT MSc COMNets, awards the AIT 2010 Master's Thesis competition in the category of ICT. Fifty five students participated in the fifth Master’s Thesis Competition at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). The event, organized on 17 May, was witnessed by experts from International and regional organizations, partner universities as well as the private sector who acted as judges in various categories. Sraddha Adhikari was co-directed by Mehdi Mani and Noël Crespi - two teachers of Telecom SudParis department RS2M - on the subject « Content Discovery Using People Social Pattern in Peer-to-Peer Networks ».

March 2010

Noël Crespi pictureOn 16th and 17th of March, Noel Crespi was appointed to the Advisory Board of Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (FTW - Telecommunications Research Center Vienna). Alongside him in Advisory board: Prof. Dr. Ernst Biersack (EURECOM), Prof. Dr. Angela Sasse (Univ. College London) and Prof. Dr. Helmut Bölcskei (ETH Zürich). On 2011, May 4 and 5 it was the second time that the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) visited FTW. The main focus this time was to evaluate the recommendations given last year as well as the recommendations of the 4-year-evaluation. Furthermore the FTW PhD program was discussed.

January 2010

"Palmes académiques"

The "Palmes académiques" class is a french national prestigious distinction. Ana Cavalli is "Officier dans l'ordre des Palmes Académiques", class 2010, January.


The "ASTI 2009" thesis jury awarded a special mention to Laetitia Souchon Foll (Computing Department, UMR SAMOVAR) for multidisciplinary work, about economics and environmental sciences, contributing to a better understanding of the economic and environmental impact of ICT. Her thesis entitled "TIC et Énergétique : Techniques d'estimation de consommation sur la hauteur, la structure et l'évolution de l'impact des TIC en France" was directed both Telecom SudParis and Telecom Business School.

Aoyagi Prize

Suneth Namal Karunarathna

Congratulations to Suneth Namal Karunarathna who receives the Aoyagi Prize in recognition of his outstanding academic performance in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Mr. Karunarathna, a Sri Lankan citizen, obtained his B.Eng. degree, major in Computer Engineering from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 2007. He was admitted to the AIT Master's program (joined with the Msc program of Telecom SudParis) in August 2008 and completed his M.Eng. degree with a thesis entitled Technology Challenges for Context Aware Multimedia Services.' Prior to joining AIT, he worked as a Teaching Faculty as an Engineer in Sri Lanka Telecom, Sri Lanka. The Aoyagi Prize was established from funds provided in 1994 by Prof. Yukio Aoyagi, former AIT faculty member.

October 2009

Best Paper Award

Tülin Atmaca won the Best Paper Awards of ECUMN'2009 Symposium, October 2009, Malta

September 2009

Best Paper Award

Samir Tata

Samir Tata won the Best Paper Award in the Business Process Management Conference (Ulm, Germany - 2009/09). This conference is the reference area of services and workflows (an A rating in the Australian ranking CORE). Samir Tata has developed a matching algorithm (business and behavioral) for Web compounds services choreography. It significantly improves the state of the art because it is polynomial in the number of services constituting the composite so that the solutions proposed up to now have an exponential complexity.

July 2009

"Palmes académiques"

The "Palmes académiques" class is a french national prestigious distinction. Guy Bernard is "Officier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques", class 2009, July.

March 2009

Best Demo Awards

Noël Crespi, Mehdi Mani and Anh Minh Nguyen won the Best Demo Award at the PerCom 2009 conference (Galveston, USA - 2009/03).

January 2009

"Palmes académiques"

The "Palmes académiques" class is a french national prestigious distinction. Tülin Atmaca is "Chevalier dans l'ordre des Palmes Académiques", class 2009, January.

Aoyagi Prize

Jagadish GhimireJagadish Ghimire received the Aoyagi Prize in recognition of his outstanding academic performance in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Mr. Ghimire, a Nepali citizen, obtained his B.Eng. degree, major in Electronics and Communication from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2007. He was admitted to the AIT Master's program (joined with the Msc program of Telecom SudParis) in August 2007 and completed his M.Eng. degree with a thesis entitled 'Analysis of Supernode based Peer-to-Peer System for IP Telephony over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.' Prior to joining AIT, he worked as a Teaching Faculty at Himalayan Whitehouse International College, Nepal. The Aoyagi Prize was established from funds provided in 1994 by Prof. Yukio Aoyagi, former AIT faculty member.

December 2008

Best Paper Award

Tülin Atmaca won the Best Paper Awards of Fitramen'2008 Conference, 11-12 December 2008, Portugal

November 2008

IEEE Senior Member

Badr-Eddine BENKELFAT was admitted as IEEE Senior Member in november 2008.