The mixed research unit SAMOVAR (Distributed Services, Architectures, Modelling, Validation and Network Administration) brings together several researches of Telecom SudParis working in the field of services, networks and telecommunications.

The unit’s work focuses on the design and administration of the networks of the future based on the development of ICT applications and technologies.

The unit has five research teams:

  • ACMES (Algorithms, Components, ModEls and Services for distributed computing)
  • METHODES (Methods and models for networks)
  • R3S (Networks, Systems, Services, Security)
  • TIPIC (Information Processing for Images and Communication)
  • ARMEDIA (Applied Research for (multi)Media Enrichment, Diffusion, Interaction and Analysis)

SAMOVAR obtained in 2003 (first one), 2007, 2010 and 2014 the accreditation to be a mixed unit Telecom SudParis - CNRS until 31rst december 2018.