ETOILE, at the crossroads of research

Oriented in Information and Communication Technologies, this brand new unique place bring together technologic platforms to strengthen the national and international visibility of actors, and participate in local, regional and national economic development.

  • 6 technological platforms
  • 1 Living Lab 
  • 1 incubator
  • 1 Fab Lab
  • 1 -300 seats - auditorium 
ETOILE, at the crossroads of research

The ETOILE Centre

ETOILE (Espaces et Technologies Ouverts pour l'Innovation des Laboratoires et des Entreprises) centre of Evry campus is part of a broader development project including actors of Higher Education and Research of "Evry Science et Innovation" and local authorities which provide financial support.

A showcase for research

The ETOILE project addresses the need to make visible research on campus: this translates into a transparency of research platforms that is visible from a manway bringing together different scientific disciplines. This "window" benefits the Evry campus students and serve as a conference center for organizing seminars.

In this period of convergence of different fields (biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology), this modern infrastructure promotes the scientific networking, the meeting of science and technology and the opening to the world of companies. Their borders are well mitigated.

A commitment to openness

The ETOILE allows a true collaboration between technologic companies, local SMEs and faculties. These innovative companies receives from the research world a technical and scientific expertise but also all the knowledge of management sciences, related uses and services of high technology equipment.

The research actors bring real benefits for innovative SMEs:

  • the increasing of trades and means,
  • the contribution for technical solutions for innovative projects,
  • an vision integrating science of uses for a real application of their innovations.

In conclusion, the ETOILE is a unique crossroads between actors in converged high-tech scientific areas, with an evident commitment to openness to the world of Research.