Telecom SudParis, a resolutely international center of academic excellence

Télécom SudParis

The International Relations Office contributes to the development and execution of the internationalization strategy of Telecom SudParis.

Students, faculty and administration at Telecom SudParis can take advantage of a global learning experience in order to acquire new skills and knowledge through various academic partnerships, research projects, financing assistance, and personalized advising.

While building and managing internationalized programs through its global partner network, the International Relations Office also ensures the promotion and the image of Telecom SudParis worldwide.

The international, a strategic priority

The development of a strong international dimension at Telecom SudParis is an essential component of our academic strategy.

As well as creating a truly cosmopolitan campus, with 77 different nationalities represented in our student body, we have also established student and faculty exchange agreements with more than 100 international universities all over the world!

Our research teams are involved in scores of multinational research projects, while our extensive network of industrial partners provides students with opportunities for international internships and professional experience.

We are keenly aware that a truly international center of learning requires much more than just student exchanges and academic partnerships in order to prepare the next generation who will carry out the transformation of our society.

Our graduates are entering a professional environment, which is ever more international and cosmopolitan, an environment where their capacity for cross-border cooperation and global management will be essential to the success of their careers.

To perform efficiently in today's global market, with its fluid, constantlyevolving communication systems, modern IT professionals need advanced language skills and cultural understanding. This is why all of the programs offered at Telecom SudParis incorporate a strong international dimension.


Our students are required to develop a high level of competency in two foreign languages; courses in intercultural awareness and international management are an integral part of our programs and a minimum of three months' experience in a foreign country is a compulsory part of the core engineering curriculum.

And of course, Telecom SudParis attracts and welcomes students from all over the world, from exchange semesters to doctoral research projects, not  to forget our English-language Master of Science programs - ideally suited to postgraduates from foreign universities.

To ensure their integration to France and their academic success, Telecom SudParis provides French language (FLE) each week to international students. Intensive FLE program is also available during Summer.