Research, development and partnerships

  • 1 TSN Carnot Label,
  • 1 start-up incubator
  • 8 experimentation platforms
  • 3,000 m² of innovation spaces
  • 6 research and teaching chairs

Training engineers and researchers with skills that correspond to market needs is one of the key missions at Telecom SudParis.

To ensure research advances and contributes to progress in a concrete way, we anchor it in the world of industry, through partnerships.

Telecom SudParis offers companies flexible partnership arrangements, which adapt to their specificities, can be combined with commitments around initial training and offer tax advantages.

Companies can choose to get involved on an ad-hoc basis - in this case, each contract is drawn up according to the company’s needs. Alternatively, their commitment can be in the form of a strategic partnership. For such arrangements, we offer companies specific, long-term support.

Our partnership offers

Public interest tools

  • Public interest tools
  • General interest research chairs
  • Future and Disruption funding programs
  • Think Tank
  • Patronage

Collaborative R&D tools

  • Horizon Europe, ANR and PIA4 calls for projects
  • CIFRE thesis
  • ANR LabCom

Proprietary R&D tools

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Joint laboratories
  • Industrial chairs
  • Theses external to Telecom SudParis
  • Bilateral R&D projects
  • Access to research platforms

Proprietary technology transfer tools

Technology transfer from Telecom SudParis to companies:

  • Patents
  • Maturation research
  • Transfer support
  • Prototyping

PoC in a company’s operational context:

  • Co-defining research
  • Telecom SudParis research

Projects with SATT Paris-Saclay aimed at start-ups

The CBORBIG example: “With CBORBIG, Telecom SudParis is innovating in e-commerce” (fr)

Telecom SudParis is a member of two competitiveness clusters.

Cap Digital is a digital technology competitiveness cluster in the Ile-de-France region. In the community created by Cap Digital, there are resources and solutions for everyone, depending on your needs and your project: constant monitoring of developments, training, partnerships, funding, support with the certification process, and more. There are also benefits simply from experiencing the energy of the collective.

A real melting pot of innovation, the System@tic Paris-Région global competitiveness cluster aims to make the Paris Region Europe's leading ICT cluster. With a concentration of players that is unique in Europe, and an undeniable international reputation, the cluster's mission is to develop the economy, business competitiveness and employment, using the levers of innovation, training and partnership.

Contact Carnot TSN

Olivier Martinot

Director of Innovation & Corporate Relations

Telecom SudParis