Photo of Christophe Digne
Christophe DIGNE is dean of Telecom SudParis since January 2013

Steering Committee

Titus ZAHARIATitus ZAHARIA, Head of Department - Advanced Research and Techniques for Multidimensional Imaging Systems





Wojciech PIECZYNSKIWojciech PIECZYNSKI, Head of Department - Communications, Image and Information Processing






Badr-Eddine BENKELFATBadr-Eddine BENKELFAT, Head of Department - Electronic & Physic



Djamel BELAIDDjamel BELAID, Head of Department - Informatics






Herve DEBARHerve DEBAR, Head of Department - Networks and Services






Djamal ZEGHLACHEDjamal ZEGHLACHE, Head of Department - Wireless Networks and Multimedia Services



Olivier MARTINOTOlivier MARTINOT, Head of Innovation and Development






claude-villardClaude VILLARD, Head of Graduate Programs






Roisin DONOHOERoisin DONOHOE, Head of International Relations






Photo de Bernadette DorizziBernadette DORIZZI, Head of Research and PhD programs



Walid BENAMEUR, Head of Laboratory SAMOVAR (UMR 5157 Telecom SudParis/CNRS)


Sandrine BOURGUERSandrine BOURGUER, Head of communication






Benoit JEAN, General Affairs


Rafik ARIBI, Head of Finance


Laetitia MANDRET, Head of Human Resources


Eric COLLERY, Head of IT


Patrick MASOEROPatrick MASOERO, General Secretary