Engineers around the world

Télécom SudParis

  • 10 languages taught
  • 77 different nationalities on campus
  • 100% of Telecom SudParis students have an experience abroad
  • 26 dual degree programs abroad
  • Over 100 partner institutions in 43 countries
  • 50,803€: the average gross annual salary of those graduates who choose to start their careers abroad
  • Europe is the most popular destination for these graduates, ahead of America, the Middle East and North Africa. 

Mobility is the key!

Telecom SudParis trains professionals who are able to understand an international environment and respond to its needs. These skills will be major assets for their career integration.

Our students are prepared for this by practicing two languages: English and one of the nine languages offered (German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and French as a foreign language).
But also by becoming more familiar with different cultures and ways of thinking: on Telecom SudParis' campus itself, which welcomes 400 foreign students of 77 different nationalities.
But also by having a significant 12-week experience abroad during their studies:

  • through an international internship in a company
  • or through an academic program in one of our partner institutions.

Students are of course supported by the school in the preparation of their study abroad, assisted in their choice and in preparing their application (administrative aspects, scholarship applications, etc.). They can also consult the international experience reports written by our students, available on our intranet. These are sources of first-hand information, for a more personal transmission.