Engineers around the world

  • 10 languages taught
  • 77 different nationalities on campus
  • 100% of Telecom SudParis students have an experience abroad
  • 32 dual degree programs abroad
  • Over 100 partner institutions in 43 countries
  • 50,803€: the average gross annual salary of those graduates who choose to start their careers abroad
  • Europe is the most popular destination for these graduates, ahead of America, the Middle East and North Africa.

Your potential, our connections

Against a backdrop of globalization, engineers and managers obviously work beyond the borders of their own countries. Corporations increasingly hire their staff at the international level.

They are looking for applicants who not only speak a foreign language but also have a strong grasp of the cultural differences between countries. Mastery of the international dimension in all its aspects, encompassing culture, technological practice, and country-specific philosophy, is therefore a crucial factor in career advancement.

Mobility is the key!

Telecom SudParis trains professionals who are able to understand an international environment and respond to its needs. These skills will be major assets for their career integration.

Our students are prepared for this by practicing two languages: English and one of the nine languages offered (German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and French as a foreign language) allowing them to become multilingual proficient.

Our cosmopolitan campus gives them the chance to interact on a daily basis with different cultures and ways of thinking thus enhancing their intercultural skills. To enrich this knowledge, further their experience, and boost their resume and job prospects, our students will take part in a significant 17-week experience abroad during their studies through the following possibilities:

Opportunities for every student

We are committed to giving students the best educational experience and preparing them to be engaged global citizens. Studying abroad is an important decision that will broaden their global understanding, their leadership and collaboration skills, and their personal and professional development. We seek to collaborate with our faculty on campus and university partners across the globe in this endeavor and provide the best study-abroad options.

We have study-abroad opportunities for every student. Studying abroad can last from a semester by participating in an exchange program (transfer credits only) to a few years by pursuing a dual degree program.

The International Relations Office guides students to make their study abroad plan come to fruition. Studying abroad requires research, preparation, and planning. To help our students to start this journey we have put together specific resources covering administrative aspects, scholarship opportunities, as well as testimonials.

For an overview of the study abroad process and related resources, please visit our dedicated Moodle page “Partir à l’International” (Telecom SudParis login required).