Digital & Media Project Management

MEDIA advanced course Engineering degree - Master’s level

With Institut Mines-Telecom Business School


  • Media project management (internet, TV, cinema, video games)
  • Project Management and assistance
  • Communication applied to the New Media sector
  • Negotiation of program rights
  • Creation, distribution and promotion of video content, all media.
  • Marketing data
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA)


1st academic semester consisting of:

  • 3 modules of technical skills
  • 3 modules of managerial skills
  • 1 final project in the form of a challenge from a partner company

2nd semester dedicated to a professional internship of 24 to 26 weeks.


  • Digital Communication Manager, creation and production of communication materials, project manager - Orange & its Foundation
  • Assistant Communication Manager - Orange Business Services
  • Assistant Product Manager - Orange Bank
  • Creative direction and event management - CosmoJazz Festival
  • Influence marketing in Asia - Narrators (Singapore)
  • Digital marketing, e-commerce - Marie Saint Pierre luxury boutique (Montreal)
  • Production Assistant - Turbo Diesel Studio & Domino Films
  • Assistant Traffic Manager: Brand Marketing & Content - Ubisoft
  • Assistant video & streaming project manager -
  • Operations and communication manager - Dassault Systèmes
  • Creation of 3D environments and experiences - Wonda V


  • Project Manager
  • Company creation
  • Consultancy
  • Technical and artistic management
  • Freelancer
  • (Game) Designer
  • Digital transformation of the company
  • Digital marketing for new media
  • Management of the creation of new products and services (online/offline)
  • Media production/distribution
  • Web development
  • Social network management


2022 Challenge - Orange: Young Talent Competition.
The environmental emergency: how can digital technology provide solutions? Designing solutions for tomorrow's world as a team. Open Innovation competition for providing a realistic solution to a major societal problem up to the prototype stage. Disciplinary experts from Orange (marketing, sociology, energy, environment, design) providing support. One winning team.



Corinne Truche
MEDIA Program Director
Email: @corinne.truche