Master of Science Electrical and Optical Engineering (EOE)

Engineering degree - Master’s level

Offered exclusively in English


The recent upheavals linked to the international context and environmental issues have accelerated the need for systems engineers in the physical fields related to telecommunications. For companies and society in general, this need is now organic.

This program wants to respond to this need and proposes graduate students to be initiated to research and to acquire strong practical and theoretical knowledge in the Electrical and Optical Engineering fields. The program is based on multidisciplinary application fields in both electronics and optics. It encompasses core training addressing fundamental aspects, as well as focusing on specific technical skills in different application such as communications, sensors, defence and space, automotive and information technology. The program covers new technological possibilities including the implementation of high-performance, high-value, multi-domain integrated systems.


Electrical engineering


Level: Master 1
Language of instruction: English
Location: Telecom SudParis, Evry
Cost: 4000 or 6000 euros (see more on Tuition Fees)
Coordinator: Dr Alexandre Vervisch-Picois, Telecom SudParis

The program enables students to acquire the necessary background in electrical and optical engineering to pursue a second year of specialization. Laboratory time and projects offer students the opportunity to practice and understand concepts more easily.

This first-year program enables students to:

  • Acquire the necessary background (algorithmic, probability, information theory and signal processing) for second year.
  • Acquire the basic knowledge in microwave radio and optical systems.
  • Initiate to sensor-related data sciences.

The first years also provides French language courses and methodological skills for sciences communication.


First year program

Code Title Credits
CSC 7001 Computer Science ( gpe E3A) 6
HUM 7001 Effective Communication 3
MAT 7001 Fundamentals of Probability and statistics 3
FRE 7001 French 3
NET 7007 Computing Network 5
PHY 7001 Microwaves and Antennas 4
PHY 7002 Fundamental of Fiber-Optic Communication 4
IMA 7221 Statistical Data Analysis 2
Second year

Level: Master 2
Language of instruction: English
Location: Telecom SudParis, Palaiseau
Cost: 4000 or 6000 euros (see more on Tuition Fees)
Coordinator: Dr Alexandre Vervisch-Picois, Telecom SudParis

The second-year Electrical and Optical Engineering (EOE) Master’s program enables students to choose between Optical or Radio microwave specialization.

Optical track offers students the opportunity to design optical communication systems suited to given constraints and required applications. It also covers design cross-layer optical network architectures from physical to higher network layers.

Radio System track addresses communication system design techniques at different levels: radio frequency (RF) systems, architectures, functions and components.

These courses are taught from September to mid-February. Lab hours and projects are scheduled for students to practice and assimilate concepts more easily. High-quality lectures and project supervision are provided by professors from renowned research labs and industry experts. The program has strong ties with industry, and many courses and lab sessions are run by our industry partners. The program also provides a first research experience to prepare students for a PhD or career as a research engineer in academic or industrial organizations.


First Semester Optical track

Code   Title Credits
PHY 7423   Advanced and Next-Generation Optical Transmission Systems 2
CSC 7413   Error-Correcting Codes and Coded Modulations Applied to Optical Communications 2
CSC 7412   Digital Information Processing 3
NET 7337   Future Trends in Optical Networks 2
PHY 7422   Optical Information Propagation and Point-to-Point Transmission Systems 3
NET 7336   Optical Networks 4
PHY 7421   Optoelectronic Devices 4
PHY 7424   Photonic Systems Towards Other Applications 3

Radio Systems track

Code Title Credits
PHY 7212 Radio Microwave functions 4
PHY 7213 Radio architecture and Physical layer and network interface 4
PHY 7214 Antennas and propagation channel 3
PHY 7216 Emerging radio technologies, Dosimetry and interaction of radio waves with living organism 3
PHY 7217 Satellite communications systems 3
PHY 7218 Positioning / goniometry / radio loc & RADAR 4
PHY 7219 RF Instrumentation, measurement & EMC 3
PHY7221 GNSS Real Time Kinematic precise positioning for drones and others applications 3
PRO 7225 Research initiation project 3


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