"At Telecom SudParis, I developed my team spirit, my competitive spirit and my professionalism"

Télécom SudParis

Estelle Canovas is in her third year at Telecom SudParis and chose the Systems and Network Security track (Promo 2020). Originally from Dijon, she attended the MPSI-MP* preparatory program at the Lycée Carnot in Dijon, and talks to us about her career path.

Why did you choose Telecom SudParis?

I chose Telecom SudParis mainly because of the teaching it offers. When I left the preparatory program, I didn't know what field I wanted to work in. Among the generalist insitutions, Telecom SudParis had the particularity of focusing on digital professions. This appealed to me because I was interested in a wide range of professions, which meant I could find my own path while I was studying at the school.

Another criterion that caught my attention was the campus. I needed a campus where I could live, attend classes and take part in extra-curricular activities, and a campus where I could grow and discover a wide range of activities.

What career path did you follow?

I'm currently doing my end-of-studies internship in the SSR (Systems and Network Security) track. After discovering how networks work and seeing how they can be applied during my internship with a company in my first year, I wanted to pursue my studies in networks.

I was hearing more and more about computer attacks like WannaCry in the media, and this mysterious world of IT security attracted me. So I followed this path as I went along in my second year to follow my in-depth path in my third year.

What internship did you do, in which sector and where?

During my studies at Telecom SudParis, I completed three internships that enabled me to discover the business world and refine my career plan. Indeed, thanks to my internship with the Networks and Telecoms team of a pharmaceutical group at the end of my first year, I discovered the world of corporate networks, its day-to-day management and its complexity.

At the end of my second year, I did a web development internship with a startup in Amsterdam. This internship introduced me to the world of startups, an international working environment and a beautiful city. During my final year internship, I discovered the world of security consulting with an assignment in intrusion detection.

Were you involved in any associations? If so, please summarize your experience and what you gained from it.

I recommend that all future engineering students get involved in their school's student clubs. It can be a hobby at first, then a passion, then an opportunity to take on responsibilities and mature in many different areas. At Telecom SudParis, I've been involved in the rock club, the cheerleading club, the musical comedy club and the Junior Enterprise.

Thanks to all these experiences, I've developed my team spirit, my competitive spirit, my professionalism and discovered new disciplines. But above all, I've shared great moments with wonderful people.

Can you share a memory or anecdote from your time at Telecom SudParis?

My best memories at the school are the culmination of a year's work and great team spirit: taking part in the TOSS cheerleading competition and performing in the musical. Getting together to present what we've spent months preparing is the culmination of a wonderful adventure.

Why would you recommend Telecom SudParis?


Telecom SudParis is unique in that it shares its campus, community life and school projects with a business school. This allows us to open up our minds and discover a wide range of profiles and fields, which in turn can lead to new vocations. When it comes to associative or school projects, everyone contributes their knowledge, and the result is all the better for it.
How would you describe the school / your training?

I'd say that Telecom SudParis is heterogeneous: it's a meeting place for a wide range of personalities, backgrounds, interests and so on. Everyone is encouraged to develop in their own way.