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Laying of the first stone of the 'Maison de l'Innovation' on October 9


The construction of the "Maison de l'Innovation" started on campus. This building, which will house technology platforms, will provide incubator dedicated premises and will also be a place of exchange, which can accommodate different scientific or cultural events.

Telecom SudParis pilot this project, Telecom Business School, ENSIIE and the Université Evry Val d'Essonne are stakeholders, and lead this area of research and innovation, as well as radiation Evry in the digital domain and its applications for health.

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'Detection and reaction to cyber-attacks' C&ESAR 2014 symposium


The French Ministry of Defense organize from 24th to 26th of November, 2014, an event "Detection and reaction to cyber-attacks" C&ESAR 2014.

Hervé Debar, Head of Telecom SudParis'"Networks and Services" Department, is Chair of the program committee.

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2014 Placement-after-degree survey


82% of graduates from the last class were recruited within 2 months after graduation, for a gross average salary of € 42,264 per year. 40% of them chose to work in small and micro businesses. The results of the 22nd edition of the survey of CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) are reassuring for graduates Telecom SudParis.

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Telecom SudParis launches a new MOOC on databases


Telecom SudParis, in collaboration with the University ParisSud and support of the IDEX Paris-Saclay offers a MOOC to learn how to use, manage, create relational databases. Sign up now! Open on Wednesday, September 10.

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MOOC "Les bases de données relationnelles"
MOOC réalisé par le département informatique de Télécom SudParis.



Telecom SudParis co-organizes the FOR-MOVES Workshop in Paris


The aim of FOR-MOVES workshop is to provide a venue for presentation and discussion of new ideas and work in progress in formal modeling and... [la suite]

from 11/19/2014 to 11/21/2014

International crossroads at Telecom SudParis


This year, International Crossroads at Telecom SudParis will take place on 19th to 21st of November 2014, three days during which Telecom SudParis... [la suite]

from 11/24/2014 to 11/26/2014

Event "Detection and reaction to cyber-attacks" C&ESAR 2014


The French Ministry of Defense organize from 24th to 26th of November, 2014, an event "Detection and reaction to cyber-attacks" C&ESAR 2014.
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from 12/08/2014 to 12/10/2014

Telecom SudParis organize the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction (IHCI 2014)


Patrick Horain is General Chair and also member of steering committee of the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction... [la suite]