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New MOOC of Telecom SudParis 'Discovering the telecommunications'


Want to know how your smartphone communicates? How the information is carried in the networks when you send an email or text message? What is cloud computing or connected objects? The MOOC "Discovering the telecommunications" introduces you to the functioning of networks and telecommunications. It allows you to acquire the basic knowledge and then consider certifying or diploma course.

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Admissions results for MP, PC, PT and TSI streams


The results of admissions to the TELECOM INT entrance exam for MP, PC, PSI, PT and TSI streams are online from July 23 2:00 p.m. Please keep your login and password to access your account.

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Orange Sponsor of the 2015-2018 Class


Orange, historical operator and leader of 3D TV and Cloud in France, sponsors the 2015-2018 Class of Telecom SudParis students.

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Telecom SudParis participates in OCCIware, the French platform of open source management multi - clouds


The OCCIware project has just started with the support of the DGE. The French initiative OCCIware intends to put the ranging-poles of a tool of open source management to assure better interoperability between platforms cloud.

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Telecom SudParis increase its accommodation capacity


The Studient Housing of Telecom SudParis campus built a 7th 6-storey building with 180 studios and 8 furnished apartments. Telecom SudParis can then accommodate its students in a park of 900 beds including 423 individual studios and 11 apartments, also increasing its accommodation capacity on site.

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Telecom SudParis announces Dual degree engineer / data scientist with ENSAE ParisTech


The dual degree engineer/data-scientist, proposed by Telecom SudParis in partnership with ENSAE ParisTech, is for students attracted to mathematics, statistics, management and analysis of massive data but also information technology and especially the handling databases.

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Fusion of TELECOM INT competition and ECOLES des MINES common competition in 2016


In December 2015, the students of scientific preparatory classes (CPGE) will form a new competition named "Concours Mines-Télécom". Candidates will have a single series of written tests and a single series of oral tests to reach 14 major schools of the Institut Mines-Télécom and its partners.

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La Voie d'Approfondissement "Jeux videos, interactions et collaborations numériques"
L'activité mondiale des médias et des loisirs devrait croître de 5,7% en moyenne par an d'ici 2016, passant ainsi de 1.210 milliards d'euros en 2011 à 1.600 milliards d'euros en 2016. En France, le marché des jeux vidéo devrait croître annuellement de 7,2%.


from 08/24/2015 to 08/28/2015

Telecom SudParis co-organize the first International Workshop on Security Testing And Monitoring (STAM 2015)


Ana Rosa Cavalli, "Professor Emeritus" at Telecom SudParis, is Workshop co-Chairwoman of the First International Workshop on Security Testing And... [la suite]

from 10/07/2015 to 10/09/2015

IRT SystemX co-organize the AFIS EMEA 2015 Workshop


SystemX IRT, together with the AFIS and ENSTA Association, are organizing the AFIS EMEA 2015 workshop, as part of the 25th anniversary of INCOSE.
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from 11/23/2015 to 11/25/2015

Telecom SudParis co-organize the 27th International Conference ICTSS 2015


The 27th International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS) addresses the conceptual, theoretic and practical problems of testing... [la suite]