Télécom SudParis, grande école d'ingénieurs

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Telecom SudParis wish you a happy new year 2015

Telecom SudParis wish you a happy new year 2015


Registration on line for ABQ after scientists L3 or M1


Online registration of candidates for admission based on individual qualifications for 1st and 2nd years at Telecom SudParis are open from 10th of January to 30th of April 2015.

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Registration on line for Apprenticeship Model


Online registration of candidates for admission for Apprenticeship Model at Telecom SudParis are open from 10th of January to 15th of April, 2015.

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Birth of the new Paris-Saclay campus of Excellence


The new university Paris-Saclay is born, bringing together on the same 60 acre campus near Paris, 7 research organizations and 12 higher education and research institutions.

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Discover Telecom SudParis flipping its interactive brochure


The new interactive brochore of Telecom SudParis allows you to discover the school by image, video and sound, including key figures and testimonies.

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Support the work of Telecom SudParis pouring the Apprenticeship Tax


By pouring the Apprenticeship Tax at Telecom SudParis, you bring your concrete contribution to the actions of the school for a quality training that meets the requirements of business and participating in the development of digital.

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Visit the Telecom SudParis campus as if you were there!


Navigate between educational buildings, living areas, associations locals, residential buildings, restaurant, cafeteria, sports facilities ... as if you were there!

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Présentation Télécom SudParis


from 02/17/2015 to 02/19/2015

18th International ICIN Conference Innovations in Services, Networks and Clouds


ICIN 2015 will focus on new technology trends and the new business opportunities they create for network and service providers. ICIN 2015 seeks... [la suite]

from 03/24/2015 to 03/27/2015

NetMM 2015, 3rd International Workshop on Network Management and Monitoring 2015 - Gwangju, Korea


In conjunction with the 29th IEEE AINA 2015, the NetMM 2015 workshop offers an opportunity for researchers and industrials to present their novel... [la suite]

from 06/10/2015 to 06/12/2015

ICOST 2015, 13th International Conference On Smart homes and health Telematics


The 13th International Conference on Smart homes, Assistive Technologies, Robotics and Health Telematics will be hosted in Geneva, from 10 to 12... [la suite]