Electronic and Optical Engineering

The goal of this graduate program is to give high level skills to students in order to allow them to join engineering and development departments of leading companies or research teams towards a Ph.D. thesis, in the electronics and photonics fields. 

Electronic and Optical Engineering

Electronic and Optical Engineering

Télécom SudParis


The courses are designed to develop original thinking and anticipating capabilities for each student. Thus, a large part of the program is based on multidisciplinary application fields in both electronics and optics.

The guidelines of the program is composed of a core training part where all the necessary fundamental aspects are addressed, and of a specialisation part which focuses on specific technical skills in different application fields such as communications, sensors, defence and space, automotive and information technology.


Full time program of 2 years divided into 4 semesters and starting in early October.

First year

Level: Master 1
Language of instruction: English
Location: Telecom SudParis, Evry
Cost: 6 000 euros
Coordinator: Prof. Qin ZOU, Telecom SudParis

Semester 1 (Fall – Sept. to Feb.)Semester 2 (Spring – Feb. to June)
CSC 7001 - Computer Science - 6 ECTSPHY 4508 - Wireless Systems - 5 ECTS
HUM 7001 - Effective Communication - 3 ECTSPHY 4509 - Radio Frequency for Connected Objects - 5 ECTS
MAT 7001 - Probability and Statistics - 3 ECTSPHY 7503 - Advances Optoelectronics Systems - 5 ECTS
NET 7007 - Computer Networking - 5 ECTSPHY - Scientific Project – 8 ECTS
PHY 7001 - Microwaves and Antennas -5 ECTSIMA 7221 - Signal Processing & Statistical Data Analysis - 5 ECTS
PHY 7002 - Fundamentals of fibre-optic communications -5 ECTSFRE 7002 - French as a Foreign Language – 2 ECTS
FRE 7001 - French as a Foreign Language – 3 ECTS

Second year

Level: Master 2
Language of instruction: English
Location: Telecom SudParis, Evry; Université Paris-Saclay, Palaiseau
Cost: 6 000 euros
Prof. Yann FRIGNAC, Telecom SudParis
Prof. Cédric WARE, Telecom ParisTech

Semester 1 (Fall – Sept. to Feb.)Semester 2 (Spring – Feb. to June)
M2 ROSP (Optical Networks and Photonic Systems) lien vers ROSPMaster’s thesis – 30 ECTS (6 months)


M1: Qin Zou, Telecom SudParis
M2: Yann Frignac, Telecom SudParis