An overview of lifelong learning

  • 110 short courses to discover or master a technology
  • 14 Certificates of Specialized Studies (CES) to provide access to new digital professions
  • 8 MOOCs to study without constraints
  • 11 fields of study: Internet of Things, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Big Data, Cybersecurity, Information Systems, Business Networks, Services and Service Platforms, Networks of Infrastructure Operators, Defense, Audiovisual and Multimedia Technology, Performance and Innovation Management.

Lifelong learning at Telecom SudParis

Integrating knowledge and applications of digital technology represents a key challenge for companies.

  • Formation Continue Télécom SudParisAs a manager or HR expert, are you responsible for developing the skills of executives, engineers or technicians?
  • Do you wish to contribute to your company's performance through lifelong learning?
  • Do you have an objective to successfully complete a project or adapt its set-up?
  • Do your employees wish to undertake training and increase their employability?


Télécom Evolution, your partner in developing the skills of your teams

Télécom Evolution is a specialized body for professional development, which designs and produces lifelong learning solutions. It draws on the expertise and teaching skills of the three Intitut Mines-Télécom major engineering schools: Telecom SudParis, Télécom Paris and IMT Atlantique.

We offer cutting-edge courses in the following areas: Cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, Geo-positioning, Big Data, Information Systems and Networks, Architectures and Service Platforms 4.0, Audiovisual and Multimedia Technology.

Your contact for lifelong learning



Head of Lifelong Learning and Qualification Programmes at Télécom SudParis

Head of Lifelong Learning at Télécom Evolution

Email : @joelle.monange

The full range of lifelong learning courses offered by Télécom Evolution


Telecom SudParis offers different kinds of courses to support companies in technological innovation, cybersecurity or digital transformation in relevant sectors like energy, intelligent transport, digital cities and healthcare.


Short courses


  • short lifelong learning courses, 2 to 5 days long;
  • distance courses, with online classes and MOOCs;
  • custom courses.

Certification courses


Telecom SudParis offers two Certificates of Specialized Studies. These courses have high added value and involve 18 to 30 days of classes spread over one semester. This format is well-suited to fit training around professional obligations. These certifications are officially recognized and CPF-eligible, making it easier to fund them.

Advanced Masters


Our Advanced Masters are post-graduate diplomas that are labelled and accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and listed in the “Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles” (National Directory of Professional Certifications, or RNCP).